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Ucell is a sustainable and reliable mobile operator in Uzbekistan, which provides access to modern technologies. Ucell creates comfortable conditions for its customers, making people lives easier and more interesting. The trademark “Ucell” belongs to FE “Coscom” LLC founded in 1996 and since 2007, it becomes part of an international business.

The Company is part of Telia Company, Swedish- Finnish telecommunication holding, represented in 20 markets, including countries of Europe and Eurasia with a total population of more than 460 mln. Ucell activity is a result of exchange of international knowledge and group experience. Thus, Ucell is benefitting from a great combination: Scandinavian developed markets heritage (Sweden, for instance, is a cradle of GSM communications and has more than 160 years telecom-history), and the high potential of growing markets of Eurasia.

We are proud of our contribution to the progress of telecommunication sector in the country, located at the very heart of Eurasia. Ucell is a long-term business project, and we will continue to perform an important task on creation of infrastructure in Uzbekistan, which would allow developing further the human and economic potential of the country. The investments made by shareholders into telecommunication infrastructure of Ucell network only is amounted up to 1.2 billion USD (as of July 2007 till March 2015).

Our company adheres to the principle of transparent communication and open dialogue with all stakeholders – clients, partners, suppliers, shareholders, government and state bodies’ representatives and, of course, mass media.

In order to provide the information regarding Ucell activities to all the interested parties, on the official web site of the company we have created a section named “Press - Office”. Here will be stored all local and regional news of the company, actual information with reference to company activities and interesting projects.

We invite you to follow our news provided from the initial source and hope, that this “Press - Office” will become useful and convenient channel for communication with all web-site visitors.


Press-office of Ucell Company


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Драйв, эмоции и дружба: завершился третий автопробег Rally Muynak!

С 13 по 19 мая в Узбекистане прошел третий пробег Rally Muynak. На всем протяжении пути мобильный оператор Ucell поддерживал путешественников услугами связи и скоростным интернетом.


Компания Ucell лучшая в сфере социальной защиты и социального партнёрства!

12 мая в отеле Radisson Blu Tashkent прошла вторая церемония награждения лучших локальных и международных работодателей года в 16 номинациях. Компания Ucell получила награду в номинации "Социальная защита и социальное партнёрство"!


Надежная связь! Невероятные приключения!

С 13 по 20 мая состоится третий автопробег по Узбекистану, организуемый туристической компанией Peopletravel. Компания Ucell выступила коммуникационным партнером проекта данного проекта. Участников пробега Rally Muynak ждет авто - путешествие с турами по городам Самарканд, Бухара, Хива, до Муйнака. Основная цель проекта популяризация внутреннего туризма и авто-путешествий по Узбекистану.


Открытие Ucell-Express в городах Гиждуван и Каракуль Бухарской области!

Быстрота, качество и доступность сервиса стали основными критериями в реализации новой инициативы Компании Ucell

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Press contacts

Press contacts

If you are a journalist or a blogger who is interested in our company or our local offerings, please contact us using the appropriate contact details below.

  • Kamola Ikramova
  • Snr.Specialist, PR and External Communications
  • Umida Ziyamova
  • Expert of corporate communications section
  • Tamila Kurmakaeva
  • Internal communications specialist

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