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Access to the site is free for Ucell subscribers.
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ICT WEEK 2019. Week of information and communication technologies

Today on September 24, 2019 in the Conference hall of “International Trade Center’s building there was announced on official opening of the Week of information and communication technologies ICT WEEK Uzbekistan 2019. Traditionally one of the most active participants with the innovative solutions was “COSCOM” LLC (TM UCELL).


Tohir Sodiqov, “Bolalar” band and Ucell

As of September 12 to September 16 “COSCOM” LLC (TM UCELL) held a draw game of tickets for the anniversary concert of the pop-rock band “Bolalar”. The subscribers took part in the drawing game who had set the melody «Kel Yashaylik” instead of the dial tone for seven days. The service cost for this period was just 1263 UZS. On the last day of the campaign, Tohir Sodiqov had visited the Ucell Office in Tashkent city and held a photo session with the subscribers.


Taking care of the subscribers through the country

By following the personal steps of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Mr. Shavkat Mirziyoyev who regularly visits the different cities of our country and for practical implementation of the orders from the Leader of the country, the top management of “COSCOM” LLC (TM UCELL) regularly visits the Regions to communicate with the Company subscribers, learn the needs and wishes of the consumers.


The Company is started from the front office

The front office is the first line of communication between the mobile communication user and Company. In total, 26 Ucell front offices are opened in the country. Each of them is ready to support in a wide range of mobile services. To activate a new number, require call details, take an advice upon tariff choosing and even chat with celebrities – all is possible in Ucell Office.


Ucell tests 5G in Uzbekistan

Fulfilling the President’s order to introduce 5G in Uzbekistan, "COSCOM" LLC (Ucell trademark) has started testing the fifth generation network of mobile communication technologies - 5G, which is rightfully considered a breakthrough with its huge data transfer speed.


Risk free working at a height

“COSCOM” LLC (TM UCELL) organized a training on occupational health and safety for engineers who deal with the equipment maintenance installed on the antenna mast constructions. In August and September 193 employees were trained in all Regions of our country. All engineers received required knowledge and a certificate necessary for working at a height.

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