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Monthly subscription fee without binding to the 1st day of the calendar month on the “Mood” and “Active” tariff lines.

Monthly subscription fee without binding to the 1st day of the calendar month on the “Mood” and “Active” tariff lines.

Monthly subscription fee without binding to the 1st day of the calendar month on the “Mood” and “Active” tariff lines.

Dear subscribers!

We are glad to inform you that starting from November 12, 2018, when connecting / switching to the tariff plans of the “Mood” and “Active” tariff lines, monthly subscription fee will be charged on a monthly basis without binding to the 1st day of the calendar month.
For example, if a subscriber connected to one of these tariff plans on November 12, 2018, the subscriber’s monthly subscription fee will be charged the following months on the 12th day, i.e. the date of monthly subscription fee charging is the date of connection or swapping to the tariff plan. In case there is not enough funds on the subscriber balance at the time of monthly subscription fee charging, the subscriber has the opportunity to refill the balance any time convenient for him within 16 days after the connection/swapping date. As soon as the subscriber replenishes his account, monthly subscription fee will be charged in full (including for those days when daily subscription fee was charged) and all limits (as part of the monthly subscription fee) will be assigned in full and valid until the end of the monthly period. The system will charge monthly subscription fee on the 16th day only until 08:00.

The limits assigned within the tariff plan (monthly and daily) are available to subscribers for a period of one month. The remaining unused limits on the tariff plan become unavailable after their expiration date. The period of one month is determined from the date of connection/swapping to the tariff plan. For example, if a subscriber has connected/switched to the tariff plan on the 9th day, then if the subscription fee for the current period is successfully charged, the limits within the tariff plan will be available to the subscriber till the 8th day of the next month. If a subscriber connects on the 31st day, then the limits will be available until the last day of the next month, for example, till the 29th day, or 27/28th on February, if there are 31 days in the next month, then until 30th day.

The monthly subscription fee for subscribers who have connected/swapped to these tariff plans until November 12, 2018 remains unchanged, i.e. monthly subscription fee is charged according to the calendar month (1st day of the month).

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