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Internet service "Ordered package"

Internet service "Ordered package"

1.5 GB of Internet is not enough while 2 GB is too much?

Now you can choose the required volume of Internet traffic on your own! Order your package from 1 to 50 000 MB and get it instantly.

Activation: *444#

Traffic balance check: *107#

Validity period of the package: 30 days from activation date.

Traffic volume and price
We inform you  that the following changes will be made in "Ordered package" Internet service from 12.04.2017: 

Group Min. amount of
MB in group
Max. amount
of MB in group
Max price in
Price for per
MB in group
period of the
1 1 50 5 262,5 sum 105,25 sum 30 days
2 51 150 13 682,5 sum 84,2 sum 30 days
3 151 300 19 997,5 sum 42,1 sum 30 days
4 301 1000 40 626,5 sum 29,47 sum 30 days
5 1001 2000 65 886,5 sum 25,26 sum 30 days
6 2001 10000 160 190,5 sum 11,788 sum 30 days
7 10001 16000 198 080,5 sum 6,315 sum 30 days
8 16001 50000 298 278,5 sum 2,947 sum 30 days

The price of the selected number of MB is calculated in following formula: ("selected limit" - "Maximum  amount of MB in the group for the previous group") * "Price for per MB in the group" + " Max price in package for the previous group."

Example: If you select 550 MB - (550-300) * 29.47 sum  + 19 997,5 sum = 27 365 sum
  • Service is available from 27.03.2017 to 27.03.2018.
  • Validity period of the traffic within the frame of the package is 30 days;
  • The traffic included in the new package is added to the previous one, if the validity period of the current Internet package has not expired while re-buying the traffic in frame of the current Internet service.
  • The validity period of the traffic is settled according to the validity period of the last activated service.
  • Traffic within the frame of “Ordered package” service might be used only in active state.
  • If Internet session is active on the moment of service activation, it is necessary to interrupt it, activate the service and restart the session to ensure correct work of the service.
  • You can buy from 1MB till 50 000 MB. Only full volume of MB is available. For example: you can not buy 10.5 MB;
  • The subscriber himself bears responsibility for the wrong symbol.
  • Activation of “Ordered package” Internet service causes the deactivation of monthly Internet packages. In this case unspent megabytes do not reset, and validity period is settled according to the validity period of “Ordered package” Internet service;
  • On activation of the monthly Internet packages the validity period of megabytes, assigned within the frame of “Ordered package” Internet service, are settled in accordance with the validity period of the monthly Internet packages.
  • The quota of tariffed information for Prepaid subscribers with the availability of megabytes on internet balance in frame of data packs is 1 KB.
Who can use?
Service activation is available only for the Subscribers of the Prepaid system;

Subscribers of following tariffs are able to activate the service:
  • Successful
  • Successful+
  • Exact
  • Online
  • Freedom of talk
  • Exact+
  • OK
  • Simple
  • VIP
  • Among friends
  • Affordable internet
  • More
  • Best
  • Positive
  • Thankfully
  • Easy to remember
  • Home
  • Easy
  • Special
  • Happy 25

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