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Balance refill

Balance refill can be done:

  • In Ucell own offices,
  • On Ucell web site,
  • Via Electron Payments Systems and ATM,
  • By Ucell Payment Cards (which are available for purchase in Ucell own offices),
  • By "Payment without borders" service,
  • With CLICK Autopayment Service,
  • In PAYNET payment reception centers.
  • In network branches and divisions of JSICB "Ipak Yuli Bank", JSC "Aloqabank", JSCB "Hamkorbank", JSCB "Kapitalbank", National Bank for Foreign Economic Activity of Uzbekistan, JSCB "Uzbek Industrial and Construction Bank".

No commission is charged for balance refill, except a top-up via "Payment without borders" service (not more than 7% of the payment amount).

Electronic Payment Systems

In order to refill balance via one of the Electronic Payment Systems (EPS) you should activate SMS-informing service at your phone in the nearest self-service kiosk/ATM (more details).

The Company is not liable for any losses or consequences incurred by the subscriber / payer as a result of incorrect entering of the phone number or amount of payment when using electronic payment systems.
The subscriber / payer is solely responsible for the correctness of the data entered by him and the payments made by him.

Refill your balance using the plastic UZCARD Online-cards, from your home or office, at any time, without any fee through the following electronic payment systems:

SMS-informing service

SMS-informing service allows Online-card holder to receive messages from 39391 short number after any change of card balance (refill/write-off). This message includes information on transaction type (with terminal name), amount of write-off and final card balance.

Service activation - 0 sum.

Price of each SMS from 39391 short number within SMS-informing service is 42.1 sum.

You can activate SMS-informing service for your phone in the nearest self-service kiosk/ATM. Detailed instruction on SMS-informing service activation is here.

Control your Online-card balance and keep track of conducting of transactions in real time 24 hours 7 days a week!

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