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Ucell payment instrument "U-to‘lov"

Ucell payment instrument “U-to‘lov"

There is U-to‘lov there is money!

"U-to‘lov" is a new convenient electronic payment service using UZCARD online plastic card that is designed specifically for Ucell subscribers!

The service is free of charge.

Terms of service usage

You can connect the service with a few simple steps:

  1. Activate "SMS-informing" service in the nearest Bank or ATM.
  2. Bind your credit card to "U-to‘lov":
  • Dial *888*credit card number*date of card validity# (*888*8600ХХХХХХХХХХХХ*MMYY#) ;
  • Activated UZCARD plastic card must contain enabled "SMS-informing" service on a subscriber’s number which you want to connect to this service.
  • Dial *888# in "USSD-command" menu  go to "Options -> PIN code options";

Set a unique PIN code consisting of 5 digits. Never share or reveal your PIN to unauthorized persons.

Now "U-to‘lov" payment service is ready to be used!

Features of a payment service:

  • Service management is available via *888# USSD-request;
  • Service is available for subscribers of the Prepaid and Postpaid systems;
  • It is necessary to activate "SMS-informing" service before binding online plastic card to "U-to‘lov" service;
  • Subscribers of Prepaid and Postpaid systems that are individuals can top-up their balances, as well as other subscribers` balances of Prepaid and Postpaid systems, which are individuals, in the amount of 500 to 500000 sums;
  • Subscribers of the Postpaid system, which are legal entities, can top-up the balances of subscribers of Prepaid and Postpaid systems, which are individuals from 500 to 500000 sums;
  • All subscribers of Prepaid and Postpaid systems can top-up the balances of other mobile operators’ subscribers, as well as personal accounts of Internet service providers’ users.
Questions and answers

Question 1: Under what conditions can I use U-to'lov?
Answer 1: In order to use U-to‘lov service, You have to be a subscriber of Ucell Prepaid system. UZCARD online plastic card must contain activated "SMS-informing" service on a subscriber’s number in order to use "U-to‘lov" service.

Question 2: How many online Bank cards can be activated?
Answer 2: You can bind up to 6 online Bank cards to your profile in "U-to‘lov" service.

Question 3: What can I do with this service?
Answer 3: You can top-up balance of any Ucell subscriber that is individual, in the amount from 500 to 500 000 sums.

Question 4: Why should I set a PIN code and what should it be?
Answer 4: PIN code must be set in order to protect payments. You can set up any five-digit PIN code at your discretion. After setup of the PIN code full functionality of the payment service will be available.
Note:  To prevent an unauthorized access never share your PIN code with others.

Question 5: What should be done in order to stop usage of the service?
Answer 5: Оpen "Settings" menu, go to "Remove card" submenu to remove all active cards binded to the profile. To confirm the removal, you must enter PIN code.  After deletion of all attached cards, the profile is reset and the previously set PIN code will be eliminated.

Question 6: What if I forgot my PIN code from U-to'lov payment service?
Answer 6: If you enter the wrong PIN code 3 times in a row, the option to reset the subscriber profile in the payment instrument "U-to'lov" will be offered, after which you will need to create a new profile by attaching the bank plastic card to "U-to'lov" and setting the PIN.

Public offer

Public offer on usage of payment tool “U-to‘lov"
for provision of opportunity to refill the balance

1. Terms and definitions

1.1. Operator – FE COSCOM LLC, trademark Ucell.
1.2. Bank plastic card (BPC) – personalized payment instrument UZCARD EMV, issued by a commercial bank of Uzbekistan that verifies availability of BPC holder’s account in an appropriate bank and which gives right to make non-cash payments online.
1.3. User – subscriber of the Operator, capable physical body, holder of BPC, who uses payment tool " U-to‘lov ".
1.4. Payment tool " U-to‘lov " – the product gives the User opportunity to pay for Operator’s services using his BPC. Payment is made at the request of the User or in the mode “Auto payment/without accept".
1.5. Subscription contract – Contract on provision of services of cellular radiotelephone communication in the network of FE COSCOM LLC under PREPAID system.
1.6. Subscription device – mobile device registered in the Operator’s network (mobile telephone, tablet, smartphone, etc.).
1.7. Subscription number – mobile number of the Operator’s subscriber.
1.8. USSD – (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) standard service in GSM networks that allow to organize interaction between the subscriber and service application in the SMS sending mode.
1.9. Operator’s website -

2. General provisions

2.1. Present agreement is a public offer (hereinafter referred to as the Offer), which provisions are independently established by the Operator and in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of  Uzbekistan and accepted by the User by adhering to present Offer in general (adhesion contract).
2.2. In accordance with present Offer, the Operator offers the Users who concluded Subscription contract with the Operator to read and accept terms and conditions of present Offer on provision of a service on refilling the subscribers balance. If the User dials the short number *888# from his Subscription number, then he confirms that he read the Offer and accept provision of using present service without reserve.
2.3. After subscription to the payment tool service, the User receives an SMS with a link to the Offer. Further on, each time when the User uses the payment service of the Operator, he will confirm that he read the Offer and accepts terms and conditions of present Offer and obliged to fully observe it.
2.4. In case if the User disagrees with changes in terms and conditions of present Offer or change of Payment tool functions, he has the right to stop using it. Resuming usage of the Payment tool means the User confirms acceptance of changes.
2.5. Payment tool may have some options that can be provided to the Users on a paid basis. Usage of such functions by the User is realized independently after reading the public offer where User can find description of services provided within framework of the Payment tool, terms of provision, cost of usage and other relevant information.

3. Order of provision and usage

3.1. When the User dials USSD command *888# for the first time, there created a profile of the User.
3.2. In USSD menu of the Payment tool there reflected usage menu, however they will remain inactive until the User will not be registered in the system.
3.3. For registration of the User there should be dialed a code in the following order: *888*BPC number*validity date of BPC#, and then set unique five-digit PIN-code in the Settings menu.
In order to become a User of this service, there should observe the following criteria:
The User previously subscribed to the service “SMS-informing";
The User inserts BPC info via USSD;
XXXXXX registers the User in the system (creates account).
The User sets a secret code (PIN-code), which will be used further for confirmation of payments.
USSD interfaces of the Payment tool shall provide ability to adjust payment options:
1) Change of the secret code (PIN-code) set with the first registration in the payment tool;
2) Blocking the service, stoppage of Payment tool activity;
3) Managing the account (registration of a new BPC, choice of the active one and removal of BPC);
4) Informing about limitations in payment amounts;
3.4. Managing the list of Subscriber numbers for non-accepting writing-off (adding and removal) filling amount.
3.5. After registration, the User will have access to all services of the Payment tool.
3.6. All actions (transactions) made after registration of the User are considered as completed by the User himself.
3.7. Initial registration can be made only via mobile data transfer network of the Operator.

4. Obligations of the Parties

4.1. The Operator is obliged to:
4.1.1. Provide confidentiality of personal data of the User in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan and Confidentiality Policy of the Operator.
4.1.2. Timely inform the User about the latest news using his Web site, which is related to changes in Payment tool and list of services for conducting payment, which are available for the Users via Payment tool.
4.2. The User is obliged to:
4.2.1. Read and follow all terms and conditions of present Offer.
4.2.2. Independently provide information security of the Subscription device, which is used to access the payment tool and also provide protection of a PIN code and all other data related to his transactions..
4.3. The Operator has right to unilaterally change present Offer terms and conditions, by informing the User via publishing news on his Web site and the User is obliged to read them independently.

5. Limitations and responsibility

5.1. Present service is available on the Operator’s network.
5.2. The User is obliged to take necessary measures on adjustment of his own Subscription device, which could lead to misuse of the Operator’s services by the third parties, and also quickly react cases of such usage by applying to the Operator’s offices.
5.3. The User bears full responsibility for protection of a PIN code and all data that allow identification of the User in his access to the Payment tool and all consequences that may be emerge because of violation of this requirement.
5.4. Usage of the service can be done by the User by exclusively observing effective legislation.
5.5. In case of illegal usage of the Payment tool by the User, the Operator has right to stop access to the User without notification with immediate effect.
5.6. The Operator is not responsible and does not cover losses emerged due to illegal usage of the Payment tool by the third parties.
5.7. The User is responsible for actions of the third parties that use his Subscription number and his Subscription device for usage of the Payment tool.
5.8. In no way, the Operator is responsible for direct or indirect loss, emotional damage inflicted to the User as a result of usage or impossibility to use the Payment tool and loss related to fraud, mistakes, misses, breaks in work, change of functions, defects, delay in works and other circumstances occurred due to the fault of the Operator.
5.9. Information about the User of the Payment tool and his operations is stored in encoded form and is not subject to transfer to the third parties except cases, provided for by the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
5.10. Permission given by the User to the third parties for usage of the Subscription device, which is used for access to the Payment tool and change of PIN-code is an unconditional reason for exemption of the Operator from any responsibility for consequences of illegal usage of the Payment tool by the third parties.
5.11. The User, by agreeing with provision of access and management of his Subscription device to the other person, accepts all responsibility for actions of that person on management of the service within Subscription contract, as well as his saving of all confidential information and personal data, which can be accessed via Payment tool.  

6. Rejection of Offer terms

6.1. The User has right to reject from implementing requirements of the Offer by deleting his account.
6.2. For deletion of an account it is necessary to untie all BPC, used in the account of the User in the Payment tool. After untying of all BPC, usage of the Payment tool is terminated.

7. Order of disputes consideration

7.1. Any disagreement arising from present Offer is to be settled by means of negotiations or in a complaint procedure based on the written request of the User. Term of consideration of such request and requirements regarding its content is 30 days.
7.2. In case if the disagreement cannot be solved in a complain procedure, it is subject to consideration in an order provided for in the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

8. Other provisions

8.1. The User’s commitment of any activity provided for in present Offer, which is related to the start of usage of the service is considered as full and unconditioned agreement of the User with present Offer and its limitations.
8.2. The Operator reserves right to unilaterally change or add present Offer at any time. Changes in the Offer will be available for reading in the appropriate section of the Operator’s Web site. The User has to independently read all changes and additions. Further usage of the service by the User after introduction of changes and additions shall mean acceptance of those changes and additions by the User.
8.3. The Operator has right to determine the contents of present Payment tool services, its structure and view, and introduce changes into operation of the Payment tool in virtue of introduction of new services, provide access to new services without prior notification of the User.
8.4. For all other not provided for in present Offer, the User and Operator shall be guided by the Subscription contract as well as norms of effective legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
8.5. The latest version of present Offer is available on the Web site of the company

9. Legal address of the Operator

Address: 100031, Tashkent, V. Vahidov Str., 118
Tel:+998712339801; Fax: +998712339803
Bank: Yakkasaray branch of the OJSCB Hamkorbank
Bank code: 01013
Bank account no: 20208000600457913001
Tax ID: 201788904                       
Code of activity: 52300
OKPO: 16216162

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