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Caller Identity Restriction (CLIR)

Caller Identity Restriction (CLIR)

Following service allows to subscribers of Ucell to make call in the way that the person you are calling can’t see your number on the display of cell phone. But on the cell phone display of person will be shown "Number is undefined" or something else with accordance of specific cell phone options.

Service management:

Service fee - $0.10/daily (fee will be written off after service activation)

Service management

You can manage "Caller Identity Restriction" service using USSD command.

After successful request on activation of the service phone number will be hidden by default. Then, you can switch on and switch of the service any time from menu of your mobile phone. At the same time subscription fee will be withdrawn until deactivation USSD request is made.

If "Caller Identity Restriction" service is activated on your phone, and you want that your number to be identified while calling to another subscriber (e.g. friend) use combination of keys:

XXXXXXX or +9989YXXXXXXX, where XXXXXXX – number of cell phone you are dialing.

If "Caller Identity Restriction" service is activated but in the settings it is turned off, use next combination to hide your phone number:

XXXXXXX or +9989YXXXXXXX. Where XXXXXXX – called number.

Service management

Command Description Direct dialing
1 Activation *311*1#
2 Deactivation *311*2#
3 Status check *311*3#
4 Information *311*4#
Additional Information

All the functions can be managed via single USSD Menu by dialing *111*2*6#call.

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