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Waiting/holding of call

Waiting/holding of call

Service of waiting call will help you during a conversation with a speaker to answer to a call of another speaker.

Also, Ucell’s waiting⁄holding service will allow you to call from your telephone to other telephones of mobile companies, local intercity or long-distance calls by holding on line first subscriber.


Connection⁄Disconnection of the following service to telephone can be made by menu of telephone or by dialing special commands on keyboard of your telephone by commands :

  • - connection of waiting call mode on telephone;
  • - disconnection of waiting call mode on telephone.
How to answer

If you connected service of holding call and during a conversation suddenly hear a short beep (but not the sound installed on the phone as a call) which means that one more call has been received to your number.

How to answer to second call:

  • you can end first conversation, by pressing end call button and then answer to second call;
  • you can not to end first connection, but transfer it to waiting mode for a conversation time with the second speaker. For this press 2 at telephone. Second line will be connected, while first speaker will be at first line in waiting mode. After talking with another person you can return to conversation with first subscriber.

If you, during a conversation with second subscriber, want to return to first speaker by not ending second you need to press 2 at telephone and subscriber of second line will be transferred to waiting mode:

  • by pressing button 1, second speaker will be transferred to waiting mode and first line will be active;
  • if you during conversation with first speaker, you don’t want to answer to second call press 0 and second subscriber will hear "busy" call.
To call from your telephone

Ucell’s waiting⁄holding service will allow you to call from your telephone to other telephones of mobile companies, local intercity or long-distance calls by holding on line first subscriber.

For this you need:

  • choose in menu of your telephone "Holding" option or type on keyboard . After this first subscriber will be transferred to waiting mode;
  • then you need to type number, to which you want to call parallel and press "";
  • you can also switch between subscribers, after your call was answered. Use command for this;
  • in order to cancel active connection press and then another line, which was at waiting mode, will be connected.

Payment of calls is produced for each connection as holding, which is conversation mode, so as waiting, which is waiting mode. Payment is made according to your chosen Ucell tariff and running international tariffs.

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