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Smile Tea promo campaign From November 1, 2019 to December 31, 2020, buying Smile Tea products, you can become a participant of a promo campaign, which is held within the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

On Smile Tea products pack, a promo code (sticker) is applied. When purchasing products, the subscriber (participant) erases the sticker and sends the promo code, which is printed under the sticker to 9500 short number.

Detailed information about the campaign (the organizer of the campaign, the timing and rules of its holding, drawing prizes, places and time of receipt) on the website

The price of one outgoing SMS message to the short number 9500 is 100 soums.
9500 100 UZS/SMS
"Jesco" campaign A subscriber has an opportunity to win the mobile balance refilling, when buying production of Jesco. It’s drawn promo-code on the package of Jesco production (under the sticker of safety layer). Subscriber (campaign participant), buying the production, should remove safety layer from the package and send the promo-code to the short 5400 number. Price of one outgoing SMS message – 84.20 soums 5400 84.20 soums
Agency service of vehicle and river transports You should send SMS for receiving information on route, validity period of the license for transportation of cargo or passengers, type of activity, quantity of places and capacity, name of organization, transportation with the state number of transportation in format number of region_number of car to short number 5500. For example: 01 620MMA 5500 421 sum
Good advice Are you in need of a good advice? Send SMS with code SOV. The service is available on Russian 33334 842 sum
Wise truth Do you want to know wise citations of well-known people? Send SMS with code T (for messages in Russian language) or J (for the messages in Uzbek language) 33334 842 sum
Anecdotes Via sending SMS message with the code 81 to short number 33334 you will receive anecdotes in Russian language 33334 842 sum
Toasts to beloved persons Send SMS with the code 82 to short number 33334 if you want to receive toasts for beloved persons in Russian language 33334 842 sum
Compliments to girls Send SMS with the code 83 to 33334 if you want to receive all available compliments to girls 33334 842 sum
Gift to beloved Send SMS with the code 84 to 33334 to receive hints in Russian language what to present 33334 842 sum
Wishes and congratulations for ladies Send SMS with the code 89 to 33334 to receive wishes and congratulations for ladies 33334 842 sum
How to win the heart of the girl Send SMS with the code 90 to 33334 for receiving hints in Uzbek language how to win the heart of the girl 33334 842 sum
SMS-valentines Send SMS with the appropriate code (VM for boys or VB for girls) and you will receive the text for original telling about your love 33334 842 sum
Declaration of love Send SMS with the appropriate code (M – declaration of love to man in Russian language, D – declaration of love to woman in Russian language, U – declaration of love in Uzbek language), you will receive original declaration of love 33334 842 sum
Namangan-TV The subscriber sends SMS to the short number 8500 to vote on the Namangan-TV for the answer that he considers to be true. 8500 1684 soums
Namangan-TV At the time of the TV CHAT, the subscriber must send an SMS to the short number 8500 with the text that the subscriber wants to put live on a special plate. 8500 1684 soums
"Footballmania" sport SMS-quiz Answer correctly the questions about the world of football and sports and win valuable prizes!
Send SMS with text "Gol" to a short number 1700
More information at: and
Service is not available for activation.
1700 210.5 sum
Gudok Uz By calling to 0530 you can install a ring tone instead of the standard signal from the general catalogue or record your own track. SMS-message with the code of a melody or link to download the track is sent from 33334 0530 84.2 sum
Samsung company’s call center By calling short number 7799 you can reach call center of Samsung company 7799 0 sum

Dear subscribers! We kindly request you to review the commands which are necessary to send with the SMS-messages for receiving desired content. If the subscriber dials and sends wrong commands for receiving desired content upon use of SMS-service, money means of wrong SMS-messages are not paid back.

Text of SMS-message shall not be more than 160 symbols in Latin and 67 in Cyrillic.

Each minute starting from the first second after connection rounding off up to full minute for IVR-services and each outgoing SMS-messages to short number for SMS-services are charged.

Support service of content-provider: +998 71 2071111.



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