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Ucell Amediateka online cinema

Ucell Amediateka online cinema

Amediateka Home of HBO is one of the largest online services in the CIS countries with a legal collection of the best TV shows on the planet* from the world's leading studios: HBO, Showtime, Starz, CBS, Fox, Sony, ABC Studios and others.

Advantages of Ucell Amediateka online cinema

Premieres from the leading studios at the same time with the whole world!

Russian and original language of TV shows and movies!

Opportunity to watch movies and TV shows on any device!

Mobile traffic is not charged! All content is in TAS-IX zone.


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Use the web-portal

“One day” subscription
800 soums
“One month” subscription
16 000 soums

Within Ucell Amediateka service the following subscriptions and services are available for you:
  • “One month” subscription. Subscription is valid for 30 days from the date of subscription purchase. Subscription price is 16 000 soums for 30 days.
  • “One day” subscription. The subscription is valid until the end of the day from the date of subscription purchase. Subscription price is 800 soums per day**.

Just register on the portal or in Ucell Amediateka application using your Ucell phone number, receive an SMS with a password, enter it and get your desired subscription.
You can use your home Internet for watching content without spending traffic, since all content is located in TAS-IX zone.
The service is managed via the portal or mobile application Ucell Amediateka.
All content within the service is legal.

  • When making “One month” subscription, a subscriber is provided with 5 GB of internet traffic at full speed, then the speed will be limited to 1.5 Mbit/s, which is enough for continuous watching of TV shows and movies on mobile devices.
  • When purchasing “One day” subscription, a subscriber is provided with an additional 2 GB of traffic at full speed, then the speed will be limited to 1.5 Mbit/s.
  • “One month” subscription is made for a period of 30 days without automatic renewal.
  • **“One day” subscription is valid until the end of the day from the date of subscription purchase with automatic renewal.
  • Ucell Amediateka online cinema service is available only to Prepaid subscribers.
  • Subscription will be in effect from the moment of activation and until the moment of its unsubscription.
  • The subscriber can use the content on one device at a time only.
Important! In order to avoid internet traffic spending after connection to the service, it is necessary to deactivate internet session by turning off the mobile data, and then activate internet session again.
  • How to register?

    1. In the registration section, enter your Ucell phone number, your own password for further authorization in the portal, last name and username.

    2. Click "Register"

    3. Receive an SMS with a confirmation code to the entered phone number.

    Enter the received code in the confirmation window.


  • How to log in?

    1. Download the app on Appstore or PlayMarket.

    2. Install on your mobile device.

    3. Open the application:

    4. Go to "Applications" menu

    5. Go to "Login"

    Enter your account number and password.

    Important! Phone number must be entered in the format 9989YXXXXXXX (without plus sign)



  • How to purchase a subscription?

    1. After a successful registration, you must purchase one of the subscriptions (for “One month” or “One day”). To do this, go to the Menu and open Subscription tab.

    2. Payment is made from the balance number specified by the subscriber 

    3. To view movies, go to the Menu and select desired movie.

  • How to cancel a subscription?

    1. Log in to the mobile application or on the web portal Ucell Amediateka

    2. Go to menu

    3. Open "Subscriptions" section

    4. Go to the active subscription page.

    5. Click on "Unsubscribe" button.

    6. Confirm that you really want to cancel the subscription by clicking on "Unsubscribe" button.

    Important! After canceling the subscription, access to Ucell Amediateka service will be closed. To re-access the service, you will need to purchase a new subscription.

The AMEDIA TV Company entered the Russian media market in 2013. Today it is a leader of the Russian market of premium television and SVOD. In July 2017, the company's premium services (AMEDIATEKA and AMEDIA Premium channels, AMEDIA Hit) received the status of HOME OF HBO and entered the international HBO family. All the premieres of the television network come out exclusively in Russia on AMEDIA TV services simultaneously with the show in the USA.
*According to rating


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