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SMS for me

SMS for me

With "SMS for me" service you always can be in touch with your friends.

The service allows you to pay for SMS-messages that come from a phone numbers that are in your "white list".

Dial and activate "SMS for me" service for free.

The service is offered only for Ucell subscribers

Cost of a single message within the service for paying subscriber - $0.02;

Manage of service
It is possible to manage the service with menu by sending necessary request to the short number and answer with necessary command:

Command Description
1 Activation
2 Deactivation
3 Status check
4 Service information
Whitelist management

Managing of the list is possible by following commands which necessary send to the number 329 via SMS message:

  • Add9989YXXXXXXX – to add phone number into the list;
  • Del9989YXXXXXXX – to delete phone number from the list;
  • Empty SMS message - status check and list of added phone numbers into the list,

where 9989YXXXXX – subscriber’s phone number which SMS messages you are going to pay for your own expense.

Cost of a single message within the service for paying subscriber - $0,02;

Daily fee - $0;

Outgoing SMS messages to the number 329 - $0;

The service available only for Prepaid subscribers.
  • Payment of SMS messages is realized by debit of money from subscriber main balance even if there are bonus SMS messages.
  • SMS-messages will not be delivered if there are insufficient funds on your balance to pay for SMS-message from numbers which are in whitelist.
  • "SMS for me" service does not work in roaming, i.e. if a subscriber, who is added to white list (within "SMS for me" service), is in roaming and sends SMS to subscriber, who added him to white list, the payment will be made by the sender in accordance with the basic tariffs for roaming.
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