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"PodarOK" – joint campaign of Ucell and "Odnoklassniki.Ru"

"PodarOK" – joint campaign of Ucell and "Odnoklassniki.Ru"

Ucell and "" initiated a new unique "PodarОК" joint campaign for "ОК" tariff subscribers.

During the three months period from 9th of November, 2016 till 9th of February, 2017 all subscribers who connect or swap to "OK" tariff for the first time will get "All inclusive*" service as a present for 14 days.

That is not all! Daily fee in "ОК" tariff is decreased to $0.06 per day..

Moreover all "ОК" tariff subscribers will get a free access to "Odnoklassniki" Internet site (, and non-chargeable traffic from the official "Odnoklassniki" mobile application for Android, IOS and Windows Phone.

"*All inclusive" service is an opportunity to make free presents in "Odnoklassniki" social network to your friends who also have accounts in this network. Maximum number of presents – 15 pcs per hour.

Don’t forget to link your subscribe number to your profile in "Odnoklassniki" until you swap or connect to "ОК" tariff or immediately after this to get an opportunity to make presents to your friends with "All inclisive" service. To clarify whether you are connected to the service "All Inclusive", please go to your profile at the "".

Enjoy you communication in "Odnoklassniki" social network with a unique "OK" tariff from Ucell!

Learn more on the tariff here

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