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“We appreciate you!” loyalty program

“We appreciate you!” loyalty program

Ucell’s "We appreciate you!" loyalty program it is three level of gratitude to each subscriber! After 1 year with Ucell you may receive bonus services, discounts, unique features and benefits!
The longer you stay with Ucell, the more pleasant surprises await you!

Discounts and free services are available through special USSD menu designed especially for loyal subscribers - *136#. Requests are unlimited and free of charge.

More than 1 year
Are you more than 1 year with us? Congratulations! Please enjoy useful services and special opportunities we offer you:

1. You can swap to your favorite tariff plans, which are already closed for new subscription:
- "More!" (tariff change cost -3 157,5 sum)
Learn more on  "More!" tariff plan here
- "Easy to remember" (tariff change cost - 2 105 sum)
Learn more on "Easy to remember" tariff plan here

2. You can take advantage of useful services free of charge once a day: learn all about your mobile number with "Who am I?" service and be aware of all your active paid services with "My services" service absolutely free of charge by dialing *136#.

3. Has been your SIM card locked or have you lost it? Now you are able to replace the SIM-card free of charge at the Company offices.
More than 3 years
Are you more than 3 years with us? Thank you for your trust! You already have advantages mentioned above  and we offer even more benefits to you:

1. "Caller Identity Restriction" service is available for you for free.  If you wish your number to remain secret for the people you call to, just dial * 136 # and get free CLIR.

2. Especially for you there are special conditions of "Try more" campaign: now there is no need to wait for two months to get a discount on the next stage internet package. Now, using monthly Internet package for 25 days, you can already purchase the next value stage Internet package for the price of the current one. In order to get discount please dial *136# and select from the menu "Try more" campaign within 5 days after you receive the SMS notification.

6 years
Are You 6 years with us? We appreciate you!

To all your privileges mentioned above we offer you to save 15% on our services and opportunity to receive all necessary information through "Without queue" service for free.

1. Enjoy 15% discount on:
  • all SMS-Packages and Daily SMS bundles (*136#);
  • "0 within network" service - 100 minutes and  100 SMS within network to communicate with all your close ones, who also use connected to our network (*136#);
  • "VIP" service - if you communicate much more than just a lot, you will have 7500 minutes and 7500 SMS for communication within Uzbekistan, as well as unlimited MMS and all those are valid for 90 days (*136 #).

2. You will also get an opportunity to try useful and necessary service "Without queue" for free once every month! It will allow you to contact Customer Service operator who will call you back to answer any questions you have about the products and services of the Company and help you resolve any issues you have (*136#).

And that’s not all! "We appreciate You!"  loyalty program will be always updated and new offers will be available for you. Follow the news on our website Please bear in mind that the access to the Company’s website resources is free from Your number.
1. You can also activate "Who am I?", "My services", "Caller Identity Restriction (CLIR)", "0 within network", "VIP", "Without queue", "SMS-packages", "Daily SMS-packages" services and "Try more!’ campaign without discounts and special terms of "We appreciate you" loyalty campaign by using usual way of activation (not via  *136# USSD-request). Please be aware that the normal (without discounts) "0 within network", "VIP" services are not available for activation if you already have active discounted "0 within network", "VIP" services  activated within "We appreciate you!" loyalty campaign.

2. The normal (without discount) "Caller Identity Restriction (CLIR)" service will be deactivated when you will try to activate the free of charge "Caller Identity Restriction (CLIR)" service within "We appreciate you!" loyalty campaign.

3. The subscribers subscripted to Ucell for 3 years or more become participants of "Try more!" campaign within the bounds of "We appreciate you!" loyalty programme by default. Please, dial *136# and follow the USSD-menu steps. "Try more!" campaign is unavailable outside the "We appreciate you!" loyalty programme for subscribers with Ucell for 3 years or more.

4. When activating daily SMS package with discount via *136# the normal (without discount) SMS package will be deactivated but all free SMS will be valid till their expiration date. And vice versa when activating normal (without discount) daily SMS package the discounted (activated via *136#) SMS package will be deactivated but all free SMS will be valid till their expiration date.

5. The terms of summer campaign "SMS Wave" are also valid for daily SMS packages, activated via *136#.

6. You can activate maximum two SMS packages via *136# and maximum two normal SMS packages 

7. Upon activation of discounted "0 within network" service via *136# the normal "0 within network" service  will be deactivated, if the service was active. 

8. The "VIP" service with loyalty program discounts is not available if you have normal "VIP" service active, i.e. within 90 days after activation of normal "VIP" service. 

9. All services terms and conditions regardless of the discounts granted within the framework of "We appreciate you!" loyalty program remain unchanged.

10. Prices are VAT inclusive.

All the above-mentioned discounts and benefits within the framework of "We Appreciate You!" program will be valid until 31.12.2017 and can be extended for a longer period. Discounts and free services are available through special menu designed for loyal subscribers - *136#. Requests are unlimited and free of charge.

Every year is a fest with us!

Ucell. Making life better!


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