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Happy 25+

"Happy 25+" tariff

Get all in one for 31575 sum per month and communicate profitably!

Within this tariff, subscribers are provided monthly:

 600 minutes within Uzbekistan

 300 SMS within Uzbekistan

 450 MB Internet-traffic

The subscription fee is debited only with sufficient balance.

Checking of limit balances USSD – *103#

Cost of swap to the tariff – $0* (except «Exact +» и «Successful +»)

Swap to the tariff:


Monthly subscription fee 31575 sum
Monthly limits of minutes within Uzbekistan 600
Monthly limits of SMS within Uzbekistan 300
Monthly limits of MB Internet traffic 450
Call type 1 minute cost
All incoming calls 0 sum
Outgoing net calls, above the limit 105.25 sum
Outgoing calls within Uzbekistan, above the limit 147.35 sum
SMS type 1 SMS cost
Outgoing SMS within the network  84.2 sum
Outgoing SMS within Uzbekistan 84.2 sum
Outgoing International SMS 505.2 sum
MMS type 1 MMS cost
Outgoing MMS within network and Uzbekistan 210.5 sum
Outgoing International MMS 1263 sum
Internet 1 MB cost
Ucell Internet, above the limit 421 sum
Ucell WAP, above the limit 421 sum
Additional terms
To swap to the tariff  "Happy 25+" minimum balance subscriber should be 33680 sum.

In case of new subscription to "Happy 25+" tariff plan charging subscription fees at the tariffs and minutes / SMS / MB limits is made proportionally to the number of days remaining until the end of the calendar month. Before charging a subscription fee, limits of calls, SMS and Internet are charged according to rates specified over the limit.

The first monthly subscription fee and limits are assigned in proportion to the number of days remaining until the end of the calendar month during the first 16 days after subscription, as soon as there are sufficient funds on the balance of subscriber. Assigned limits are valid until the end of calendar month when they were assigned.
With the new subscription monthly subscription fee is charged when the balance is replenished in the active status with the sum sufficient for the tariff plan.
If the first replenishment was made in the blocked status, monthly subscription fee will be charged at the beginning of the next day after subscription (in the period between 00:00 and 08:00 hours), provided that there is enough funds on the balance sufficient for charging.
Its recommended to refill your balance with 2 consecutive separate payments to get the total amount sufficient to pay the subscription fee in full.
Before using non-chargeable limits it is recommended to check the enrollment of minutes, SMS and Internet traffic limits (USSD *103#) in order to avoid misunderstandings. Before limits assignment calls, SMS and Internet is charged according to the rates specified above the limit.
* Charging of monthly fee and setting of minutes, SMS and megabyte limits at the "Happy 25+" tariff takes place on the first day of each month (between 00:00 and 08:00 hours).

To do this, you must have enough funds on your balance sheet to charge the monthly fee in full. If on your balance of the first day of the month there were not enough funds to charge the monthly fee, you have the opportunity to replenish the account at any time convenient for you during the period from the 1st to the 16th day of the month. As soon as you refill the balance, the subscription fee will be credited in full and all limits of minutes, SMS and megabytes will also be assigned in full and will be valid until the end of the calendar month. Please, note – the subscription fee will be added in the event that you have refilled the balance and at the same time were in active status. If you have already reached the blocked status, we recommend that you fill the balance for the transition to an active status. After transition to the active status, it is necessary to make another payment, the balance should be sufficient to remove the subscription fee.  After the 17th day of the calendar month, the monthly fee is not removed and limits on tariffs are not assigned.
** Limits of minutes / SMS / MB within the tariff is assigned fully after the removal of subscription fees and is valid until the end of the calendar month. Provided limits does not move for the next calendar month.
Before using the free limit, we recommend to verify the calculation of the limits of minutes, SMS and Internet traffic in order to avoid misunderstandings. Before assigning the limit - calls, SMS and the Internet are charged according to the tariffs pointed over the limit.

In cases where the monthly fee cannot be deducted from the balance, the monthly limit of minutes within the network, off-network calls, SMS, and the MB for the Internet are not available, and the billing of services will be conducted at the tariffs pointed over the limit.

Subscribers on the tariff "Happy 25+"  go to the blocked status after 60 days after the removal of the last monthly fee, if subscriber has not committed any act or refill balance. Usage of minutes, SMS and MB, included in the limits provided by the tariff are not considered paid activities do not affect the conservation of the active status of the subscriber.
  •  Additional services "0 within network" and "VIP" are not available on tariff "Happy 25+".
  •  Please be informed that limits of SMS, minutes within Uzbekistan and MBs will be nullified after switching to the "Happy 25+" tariff plan.
  •  Calls to the CONTENT services and international destinations do not spend allocated limits on the terms of the tariff.
  •  Accumulated MB will not be available after swapping to “Easy to remember” tariff.
  • We recommend subscribers who use internet services to get acquainted with additional information about funds reservation system and 4G network features.

Tariff "Happy 25+" is available only for Prepaid subscribers.

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