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For subscribers
"OK" tariff

"OK" tariff

If, then «OK!» exclusive tariff!

  Non-chargeable traffic from the official "Odnoklassniki" mobile application for Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

  Non-chargeable and unlimited access to mobile version!

  "SMS-Odnoklassniki" bonus service!

  SMS and MMS within Uzbekistan for $0.01

  1 Mb of Internet for $0.06

The cost of request – $0.50

Swap to "Ok" tariff is available via


Enjoy you communication in "Odnoklassniki" social network with a unique "OK" tariff from Ucell!

Daily subscriber fee $0.08
Price per minute of airtime
All incoming calls $0.00
Outgoing calls within network $0.015
Outgoing calls within Uzbekistan $0.03
Price per SMS
Outgoing SMS within network $0.01
Outgoing SMS within Uzbekistan $0.01
Outgoing International SMS $0.12
Price per MMS
Outgoing MMS within network and Uzbekistan $0.01
Outgoing International MMS $0.30
Price per MB Internet
Ucell Internet - 2G, 3G, 4G/LTE $0.06
Terms of the tariff


*In order to use "SMS-Odnoklassniki" service write your number in the profile at Odnoklassniki:
  • Go to "Change settings" section.
  • Go to "Phone number" section and enter your Ucell number there.
Subscriber fee is charged only in active status regardless of the balance remainder.
You can move to "OK" tariff by dialing *120#. After moving from any Prepaid tariff to this tariff, daily fee for the first day will be charged immediately.
Cost of moving to – "More!" tariff is $0.75. Cost of moving to other available Prepaid tariffs is $0.50.
"OK" tariff is available only for Prepaid subscribers.
From 22.06.2015 the following packages/services will not be available on "OK" tariff:
  • Monthly Internet package 4000
  • Midi package
  • Maxi package
  • Night Unlimited Internet service
As well as bonuses included to the packages:
  • Huawei P7
  • Galaxy Ace
  • 4G Modem
  • 4G Wi-Fi Router
  • 4G Modem as a gift
  • 4G Wi-Fi Router as a gift
  • Modem as a gift

It's important
  • Free access to mobile version of is working only with phone browser, which subscriber use. When using other mobile browsers (for example Opera Mini) for smartphones and when using service via PC, Ucell is not guarantee free access and the absence of charges for used internet-traffic;
  • Free access to mobile version of is not available for subscribers, who are at international roaming;
  • Traffic used for authorization in  social networks doesn’t covered by provisioning of free access and charges according to established price for internet;
  • Free access to mobile version of is doesn’t cover counters and advertising materials, placed in abovementioned websites and for photos, video, games and other media that are the content of the other websites and internet sources;
  • Most of mobile phones visit websites through homepage, which is set in settings of the phone. To avoid downloading extra traffic while using the service, we recommend you to delete homepage in your phone settings;
  • "GAMES" section is not included in the terms of providing unlimited access to;
  • Please note that most smartphones, connecting to the Internet, generate third-party traffic from installed applications (messengers, weather, news, etc.), also it can be possible involuntary synchronization with app store (GooglePlay, AppStore) and different accounts (Google, Facebook, Telegram, etc.) may occur. This traffic is not included in a free Internet option for “OK” tariff and has to be paid by a subscriber separately in accordance to the Ucell-Internet price for “OK”  tariff or by purchased Internet package.
While visiting the Internet resource (“Odnoklassniki” social network) traffic is charged in the following cases:

- when watching the video or using integrated resources (YouTube, RuTube, Vimeo, Yandex.Maps etc.);
- when downloading apps from Google Play, App Store or Windows Store;
- when using Opera or any other browser in the data compression mode.
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