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“Gigarouter” campaign

“Gigarouter” campaign

Connection package within the framework of "Gigarouter" campaign is a high-speed router with LTE technology, the speed of which can reach 150 Mbps.

Just for 870 000 soums you will receive:

  • Wi-Fi router - Huawei LTE СР ВЗl1s - 220;
  • SIM card;
  • Gigaman tariff plan “35 Gigs” without a tariff fee for 6 months (connection month + 5 months);
  • One-time internet traffic limit of 10 GB for 30 days from the date of connection.

The package within "Gigarouter" campaign is available only for new connections.

Wi-Fi router
Model Huawei LTE CPE B311s -220
Dimensions 181 mm x 126 mm x 36 mm
Speed up to 150 Mbps
Supported standards 2G - GSM 1800/GSM 1900/GSM 850/GSM 900
3G - UMTS 2100/UMTS 900
4G (LTE) - 800/900/1800/2100/2600
SMS support Yes
Package terms
  • Connections will be made at the offices of the Company for servicing corporate clients.
  • The Wi-Fi router included in the connection package can be used only within Ucell network.
  • Provided limits can only be used in active status.
  • Checking the 10 GB limit is carried out via USSD request *107# and through personal cabinet.
  • Checking tariff plan limits: Checking tariff limits - *100#,
  • Checking internet traffic - *601#, Activation of “Turbo Button” service - *605#.
  • The limits provided on Gigaman 35 Gigs tariff plan are available until the end of the month, with the beginning of the new month, the limits of the previous month will be set to zero.
  • 10 GB internet traffic limit provided for 30 days from the date of connection can be used if the subscriber, after spending the included internet traffic limit, activates the Turbo Button service on Gigaman 35 Gigs tariff plan.
  • One-time internet traffic limit of 10 GB is set to zero for 31 days from the date of connection.
  • Starting from the 7th month, the subscription fee on Gigaman 35 Gig tariff plan is charged according to the terms of the tariff plan.
  • When changing the tariff plan or activating "Number freeze" service limits within the campaign are set to zero automatically.
  • Huawei LTE СРЕ ВЗl1s - 220 Wi-Fi router does not work in 4G (LTE) network in Andijan region due to the incompatibility of the standard.
  • Device purchased within this campaign is not refundable (except when the device does not meet the quality of the services provided according to existing standards).
Warranty terms
  • The warranty period for the device included in the package is 12 months from the date of connection;
  • When connecting a package, a warranty card is issued with the specified warranty period;
  • Warranty service is available at the official Huawei service centers.


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