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Internet packages
Traffic+ internet packages

Traffic+ internet packages

Traffic + is an additional Internet traffic for messengers, social networks or YouTube.

Packages can be activated only in the Company's own offices.

When the package is deactivated, all unused, accumulated traffic is reset to zero.

Traffic+ internet packages

Options Traffic volume Service cost Validity
(Telegram, IMO, WhatsApp, Viber)
1000 MB 3000 soums 30 days
Social Networks
(Instagram, Facebook, VK)
2000 MB 5000 soums
YouTube 5000 MB 8000 soums
YouTube + Telegram 7000 MB 10000 soums
Service terms

  • Service activation is available for subscribers of all postpaid account categories.
  • Activation and use of Internet traffic within the service is available only in active status.
  • If there is no sufficient amount to pay for the package, the package will not be assigned.
  • To assign the service to the corporate clients of the Company, the person for whom the corresponding numbers are registered must provide a written request to the Company.
  • Internet packages "Traffic +" can be activated or deactivated through a personal account for corporate clients.
  • Internet packages "Traffic +" are assigned without the automatic assignment function.
  • The service does not have the function of auto-assignment, therefore, in order to continue using the service in the next period, the subscriber must reconnect the service.
  • You can connect only 1 Internet package at a time within the framework of this service.
  • The validity period of the traffic will be set equal to the validity period of the last activated Internet package.
  • When the assigned limit of Internet traffic is completely spent, the speed of access to the network is set up to 64 Kbp/s.
  • After the successful charge of the subscription fee, the traffic will be assigned in full, and its validity period will be equal to 30 days.
  • The service cannot be activated if one of the following services is active: Smart block, Smart internet, TAS-IX Internet packages and Night Internet packages.
  • “Traffic +” service is not available on the following tariff plans: tariff lines Gigaman and Gigaman BN, “Doctor” tariff line and other special tariff plans with unlimited internet.
  • Traffic provided within "Traffic +" service has the highest priority and will be spent first. Then usage occurs according to the tariff plan or additional packages.
  • Prices are inclusive of taxes.
Owners of messengers and social networks use a certain range of IP addresses to provide their services. Ucell provides traffic volume for these (registered) ranges. Ucell is not responsible for changing of the range of IP-addresses initiated by the owners, the traffic in this case is charged according to the cost of Ucell-Internet under the terms of the tariff plan, or the traffic is deducted from the balance of the existing Internet package provided to all destinations.
If you connect to messengers and social networks through proxy servers, VPN or deprecated sites, the traffic in this case is charged according to the cost of Ucell-Internet under the terms of the tariff plan, or the traffic is deducted from the balance of the existing Internet package provided to all destinations.

Pay attention that most smartphones when connected to the Internet generate the third-party traffic from installed applications (messengers, weather, news, etc.), it is also possible to involuntarily synchronize with the app store (GooglePlay, AppStore), analytics counters (Google,,,, of various accounts (Google, Facebook, Telegram, etc.). This traffic is not included in the scope of the service and is paid by a subscriber separately in accordance with the cost of Ucell-Internet tariff or purchased Internet package.


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