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“Smart-payment” service

“Smart-payment” service

Instead of thousand payments!

Want to manage your business and finances by flick of the fingers on the screen of a Smartphone and don't want to worry about Internet traffic, the lack of which sometimes happens at the very wrong time? Take care of your nerves and activate the service "Smart payment", which will provide you free access to all mobile payment systems. Service covers:

  • Click
  • Hamkorbank
  • MBank
  • KapitalBank
  • PayMe
  • Davr Bank
  • Aloqa Bank
  • UPay
  • Orient Finans Bank
  • UTB
  • AgroBank

Connect the "Smart payment" to never make a mess with all of it!
Activation, deactivation and status checking via .

Service is absolutely free!

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  • The service is available to all corporate clients in the system, Postpaid and Prepaid
  • Service is free.
  • To activate the service You should to send USSD-request *655#, or visit the office and complete the appropriate application for connection services.
  • "Smart payment" is connected with the automatic assignment. Auto-assignment function can be deactivated with USSD-request *655#, or contact the office and complete the appropriate application for the deactivation of the service.
  • Service is available only in active status.
To activate and deactivate any additional offer you need to fill application form and visit Service Department of Corporate clients.
Activation conditions
Activation of the service is not possible if the user has connected to the services:
  • "Unlimited Internet-package"
  • "Unlimited Odnoklassniki"
  • "Unlimited Mail.Ru Agent"
  • "Ucell Portal"
  • "Internet Mega-Boom"
  • "Monthly 4G Internet packages"
or activate subscription packages:
  • "Huawei P7",
  • "Galaxy Ace"
  • "Modem", " Modem +"
  • "Modem Turbo+";
  • "Ucell Modem Home"
  • "4G modem"
  • "4G Wi-Fi Router"
In case the above application of payment systems and commercial banks using external Internet resources (Google Analytics in particular) outside the range of IP addresses in the national domain, the consumption of Internet traffic is charged according to Your tariff and the Company is not responsible for the spent traffic.

If you have any questions, please call: 8111 (only for Ucell subscribers), (+998 93) 382-09-09, 184-09-00. Our Fax: (+998 71) 252-10-00. E-mail:

We are glad to see you among our Corporate clients!


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  • According to the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the term of consideration of applications, including treatment, associated with the quality of provided services, the coverage of the network, and additional services of the Company, can reach up to 30 calendar days, if necessary;
  • The maximum number of reference per day with the help of «Feedback»form: 5 times;
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