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Innovative M2M solutions for your business in practice

On November 5, 2015, Ucell mobile operator holds a unique conference on "The future is already here," where world experts in the field of M2M (Machine-to-Machine) will talk about:

- global trends and prospects of cooperation intercomputer;
- practical application of M2M solutions for businesses;
- smart energy solutions.

Our experts will introduce you with the world of M2M:

  • Ilgi Evecan (Ilgi Evecan), an expert on business development in the field of IT-technology and mobile marketing of TeliaSonera Eurasia

An expert in the fields of IoT, mobile marketing, affiliate programs, mobile services and technology for the corporate segment, in particular M2M and geolocation services / applications. Thanks to her successful projects in Turkcell "Smart City" one of the most popular applications for mobile tracking to B2B companies in Turkey was developed.

  • Eunice Yazirlioulu (Enis Yazirlioğlu), Development Manager M2M business in Turkcell

More than 10 years of experience in the fields of information technology and telecommunications. An expert in M2M-verticals like tracking transport "smart" city, M2M technology in industry, energy, retail, agriculture and health. The author of a blog about the technologies of the future online Harvard Business Review.

  • Tamer Tatlici (Tamer Tatlici), Founder and Director aSAY Energy

An expert in the fields of IoT, and smart grids. Through innovative additional services designed for Turkcell, Company aSIA Energy, led by Tatlici Tamer, was awarded at the world competition Global Telecom Business Awards. The company has developed and implemented the first in Turkey, the system of "smart" lighting the streets and collect information through the use of network power technology PWC (Power Line Communication / communication via power line) and GSM (Global standard for digital mobile communications) in order to save energy. Lecturer at the University of IoT, and smart grids.

For whom this conference is intended?

  • IT-sector businessmen
  • IT professionals and power engineers
  • Owners of innovative businesses
  • Representatives of major industrial entrprises
  • Sign up online, and in response to your request we will send you an invitation to the conference. And we will wait for you on November 5, 2015 at 14:00 at the hotel "Wyndham" at the address: Amir Timur street, C-4, T 7/8, Tashkent, Uzbekistan.

More information: (99893) 181- 6000, 182-9000.

What is M2M?

Every day, more and more devices are connected to a network and interact with each other without the participation of the people. All of this opens up new opportunities for business and society. Leading companies use M2M solutions, as a new way for business process optimization, cost savings, improved quality of services. Anyone who does not think about it now runs the risk of losing the future.

Conference program:

13:00     Registration and welcome coffee break
14:30     Introduction speech
Tonu Grunberg, CEO of Ucell

14:40     Going Forward with Ucell, 5 Predictions for the Next 5 Years
Rustam Khamdamov, Team head of New technologies and innovations group of Ucell

15:10    The Internet of Things – Transforming Society, Industries and The Way We Live
 Ilgi Evecan, an expert on business development in the field of IT-technology and mobile marketing of TeliaSonera Eurasia

15:40    Coffee-break

16:00    M2M Revolution, Realizing Its Potential Globally and Transforming the Business
Eunice Yazirlioulu, Development Manager M2M business in Turkcell

16:45    Smart Energy Solutions & Changing Competitive Environment
Tamer Tatlici, Founder and Director aSAY Energy

17:30    Questions and answers



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