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"Split balance" service

"Split balance" service

Are all limits out? Refill your balance in the way that is convenient for you and stay in touch.

Service allows you to split expenses for corporate mobile communication services between the company and employee.

Service advantages:

  • Effective planning of the company’s budget;
  • Control of expenses of employees for corporate mobile communication services;
  • Employee can use single number for corporate and personal needs;
  • Employee will cover personal expenses at preferential prices.

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How to activate the service?

Now you can easily manage your budget for corporate mobile communication services by setting individual limits on charges for each employee. Employee can cover all expenses above the limit by himself.

How to activate the service?

  • Send the application form for subscription to "Split balance" to one of the corporate service offices;
  • Sign a supplementary agreement to contract for providing mobile services;
  • Employees of the company who are going to use the service should sign an appendix #1 to additional agreement for providing "Split balance" service.

"Corporate balance" is the limit on charges which should be set for each employee that activates the "Split balance" service.

"Personal balance" is the balance of your employee which can be refilled by himself via types of payment available for individuals.

Service activates for each mobile number according to application form in which individual limits for charges are set for employees (not less than 12630 sum for each employee). When the limit is depleted subscriber receives SMS notification after which all charges will be goes from "Personal balance" that can be refilled by all type of payments available for individuals (electronic payment systems, scratch cards, front offices of the company etc.).

To check Corporate balance dial: *110#
To check Personal balance of the employee dial: *100#

How to change the limit on charges?

  • You can increase or decrease the limit on each employee;
  • You can decrease the limit only on 1st date of each calendar month;
  • To change the limit you should send application to one of the Ucell’s corporate service offices.
To activate and deactivate any additional offer you need to fill application form and visit Service Department of Corporate clients.
Terms of service:

  • The service is available on all tariff plans of the Postpaid system;
  • Connection of additional services from the corporate balance is possible only with a written application of the corporate Client;
  • When activating the “Split balance” service, the subscription fee of the tariff is debited in full for the entire month every 1st day of the calendar month. At the same time, if within the next 30 days the corporate client moves to active status, the monthly fee is charged in full.
  • All additional services activated by the employee via USSD are charged from the subscriber's personal balance in accordance with the terms of the service;
  • If at the time of charging the subscriber is in an inactive status, the subscription fee is not charged. In this case, if within the next 30 days the client enters an active status, then the subscription fee is debited in full.

Necessary documents:

If you have additional questions, you can send them to or contact us by phone:

  • 8111 (for Ucell numbers only)
  • +998931840900 (for other mobile numbers and landlines).


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