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Voice Mail Service

Voice Mail Service

Services of voice mail from Ucell – convenient, fast and safe!

VMS (Voice Mail Service) – service allowing you to receive, send, listen and transfer voice messages to other subscribers of Ucell.

Using VMS, you will not miss any call, even if your cell phone is busy, switched off or at the out of coverage area.

VMS from Ucell – it is better than just simple answering machine!

How to use?

We have taken care about simpleness and convenience of this service usage:

  • Listen and choose – Call to the number 9977 from your mobile phone. Specially selected system of voice tips in the setting process and usage helps you to set service in the way you need. Listen to the instructions and press corresponding buttons at the telephone;
  • Control your mailbox though web cabinet - To receive password, send empty SMS message on 9977 number.
VMS opportunities
  • recording of welcoming and voice signature – you can easily record welcoming and signature with your own voice and set it to system;
  • protection of box by password – to every subscriber will given personal box for saving messages. You can install your own unique password to prevent listening of your messages by other subscribers;
  • transfer of messages to another subscriber – you can transfer received message to another number. For example, your boss sent you a verbal instruction, so that you can transfer this message to your coworkers using VMS service. (Receiving part should have this service)
  • access to voice message box from local telephone – unique service from Ucell. You do not have your telephone right now, battery is uncharged, but you are waiting for voice message? Now to have access to voice messages and also using all opportunities of this service you can have from local phone number 1719977. When you listen it for absolutely free.

Connect VMS service at any Service-Center of Ucell or at your nearest agent point

Important: "Voice Mail?" service is incompatible with "You’ve got a call" and "Dynamic Voice Mail " services. Thus, in order to activate "Who called?" service, first you need to deactivate mentioned services.

Voice mail
USSD for service
Subscription fee
42.10 sum
Daily fee
42.10 sum
SMS notification
Voice messages
Voice message
storing period
Voice message
120 sec
The cost of call
for a caller
after a short beep
according to tariff
for outgoing calls
Personal cabinet
Personal greeting
Maximum length of
personal greeting
60 sec
Redirected calls
to +998930009966**
0 sum
Outgoing calls to 9977
0 sum
Outgoing calls
to 1719977
according to tariff
for outgoing calls
SMS to 9977
0 sum

NOTE: If you are beyond Uzbekistan and using services of one of the roaming-partners of Ucell, then all calls for access to VMS service (outgoing and incoming) accepted by VMS system calculated with accordance of roaming tariffs.

* If voice mailbox is full, and new voice message will be left, previous voice messages will be deleted, starting from the oldest ones.
** Redirected calls to +998930009966 number don’t spend fixed limit of airtime, provided in scope of tariff

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