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Dear corporate client!

This request is official. In this regard, please, consider the following rules:
  1. Processing of applications is only for legal entities;
  2. The period for consideration of applications is from 5 to 30 working days;
  3. Your application may be refused in consideration upon the following cases:
  • When appeals that do not contain the surname (name, patronymic) of the person, information about the place of his residence or the full name of the legal entity, information about his whereabouts (postal address), or false information about them - anonymous addresses;
  • In case of content incorrectness of the appeal (use of obscene or offensive language, threats, suggestions, lack of logic and meaning, etc.);
  • If the text of the appeal contains incomprehensible abbreviations or promotional materials, there are no specific statements, complaints or suggestions in it;
  • In the case of applications not related to mobile communication services and the activities of Ucell.
  • The appeals of the same user, containing the question to which the answer was repeatedly provided, are not considered, except in cases when the new appeal contains new arguments or circumstances.
  1. All information concerning the confidential data of the client/subscriber of the "Coscom" LLC is provided only upon demonstration of the original or scanned version of the official letter on behalf of the corporate client for whom the number is issued.
  2. When submitting an appeal regarding complaints about the quality of communication, it is necessary to indicate the exact location of the subscriber, where technical problems with communication quality arise (city, district, mahalla, street).


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