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"BEST" tariff

"Best" tariff

From February 18, 2021, BEST tariff is unavailable for new connections and swaps.

From October 17, 2022 multimedia messaging service (MMS) is not available.

Are you an individual entrepreneur and looking for a comfortable profitable payment system for mobile communication? Choose tariff "BEST" from Ucell!

Checking the limits by USSD – *100#

Subscription fee – 300 sum/day

Type of call
Price of 1 minute
All incoming calls
0 sum
Outgoing calls within Network
100 sum
Outgoing calls on numbers of other mobile operators
126.30 sum
Outgoing calls within Uzbekistan
126.30 sum
Type of SMS
Price of 1 SMS
Outgoing SMS within network
84.20 sum
Outgoing SMS within Uzbekistan
84.20 sum
Outgoing international SMS
1000 sum
Outgoing MMS within network
84.20 sum
Outgoing MMS within Uzbekistan
84.20 sum
Outgoing international MMS
1263 sum
Price per 1 MB
Ucell Internet - 3G, 4G/LTE
421 sum
Daily subscriber fee
300 sum

Prices are inclusive of taxes.

  • The tariff plan is available only for individual entrepreneurs without a legal entity, and only to subscribers of prepaid service system;
  • Subscription to the tariff can be accomplished in the service offices for Corporate clients and through our authorized dealers of the Company;
  • You can change your tariff to "Special" via USSD *120# or in the service offices for Corporate clients;
  • Swapping to Good mood tariff plan is also available via USSD request *120# (0 soum).
  • By the expiration the validity of the certificate of state registration of individual entrepreneur, the subscriber must provide this certificate for another period of 7 days.
  • Otherwise, the Company reserves the right to terminate the provision of mobile services, or change the tariff on one of tariffs consumer segment;
  • Calls to the CONTENT services and international destinations are not consumed minutes and MB provided within the limits of tariff plan;
  • Activation of "Internet Mega BOOM" and "Convenient" service bundle is unavailable in current tariff;
  • The tariff is available for subscription only by provision of existing original certificate of state registration of individual entrepreneur without a legal entity and filled Certificate to connect corporate tariff plans of Prepaid system for sole proprietor registration without founding a legal entity (individual entrepreneur) by subscriber. Certificate could be downloaded here.
  • Maximum period of blocking the number is equal to 90 days.


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