New option on the TL GIGAMAN!
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New option on the TL GIGAMAN from Ucell!

A very good buy with a new option on “Gigaman” 3/6/12 – save up to 16%.

From October 17, 2022 multimedia messaging service (MMS) is not available.

New “Gigaman” option allows to manage your business much easier.
Simply forget about routine monthly payment for mobile communication. Pay once or twice a year!

Name Cost for 3 months (sum) Cost for 6 months (sum) Cost for 12 months (sum)
7 Gigs 114.000 228.000 456.000
100.000 180.000 360.000 
15 Gigs 150.000  300.000 600.000
140.000 250.000 500.000
20 Gigs 210.000 420.000 840.000
200.000 350.000 700.000
30 Gigs 300.000 600.000 1.200.000
280000 500.000 1.000.000
45 Gigs 375.000 750.000 1.500.000
340.000 600.000 1.200.000
Unlim 540.000 1.080.000 2.160.000
500.000 900.000 1.800.000

More about the “Gigaman” tariff line.

Checking the tariff plan and status for legal entities - *100#
Checking the balance and tariff plan for individuals - *100#
Checking the limits of minutes and SMS - *102#
Checking the limit of internet traffic - *103#

Tariffication over the limit

Call type Cost for 1 minute (sum)
Intra-corporate outgoing calls 0
Intranet outgoing calls 84.20
Outgoing calls in Uzbekistan 126.30 
Message type Cost for 1 message
Outgoing SMS in a corporate group 0
Outgoing SMS inside the network 84.20
Outgoing SMS in Uzbekistan 84.20
Outgoing international SMS 1000
Internet Cost for 1 MB (sum)
Ucell Internet 421

Terms & Conditions

  • The option is active without auto setup.
  • In case of changing a tariff plan and activation of a new one (out of «Gigaman» tariff line), given and future limits of the option are reset.
  • After expiry of the paid period, subscription fee will be deducted according to the terms of the chosen tariff plan on a monthly basis.
  • For example, if a user changes his/her tariff plan from Fact Plus to 3-month option “5 Gigs” in the “Gigaman” tariff line, it means that when the 3-month period is expired, user’s number automatically will be set to “5 Gigs” tariff plan.
  • Regardless of the activation date, the first month is considered the same day, when the option was activated. The duration of the option lasts till the end of 3, 6 or 12 months.
  • The options are available for new activation and swapping from other tariff plans in favour of “Gigaman” tariff line.
  • You can subscribe to the tariff plan with the option for a certain period at service offices for corporate clients. You can also switch to the 3/6/12-monthly option of the Gigaman Tariff line by contacting the Corporate Customer Service Department at + 99893-184-0900 and 8111.
  • It’s recommended to activate the option from 1st to 5th day from the beginning of a month.

In case of activation or swapping from other tariffs to one of the options mentioned above during the month, the payment is fully deducted and provided limits of minutes and SMS for the first period of the option are assigned for the number of days left in the first month. For other months limits are given in full. Allocation of the Internet-traffic in the first month and the following ones occurs in full volume according to the terms of the option regardless of activation or swapping date.

  • After successful subscription fee write-off, a user will be given monthly limits according to the terms of the chosen tariff plan.
In addition

  • The tariff line “Gigaman” option doesn’t include Internet-packages “Gigamania”, services "Smart Internet" and "Internet Block".
  • Given limits of minutes, MB and SMS aren’t available for users in roaming, except the case when internet-traffic in roaming is activated within the “Gigaman” tariff line.
  • Calls on information and entertainment services as well as international directions aren’t covered by the limits of minutes, MB and SMS, provided according to the tariff plan.
The maximum period of number blocking is 90 days.
If you have any questions, you can open FAQ section on our website. If you haven’t found the answer, call 8111 (available only for Ucell users), (+998 93) 382-09-09, 184-09-00 or send an e-mail to Our fax number is (+998 71) 252-10-00.

We are glad to see you among our corporate clients!
Internet in Roaming

It is important to know!

Dear subscriber, allocated MBs in roaming within "Gigaman" tariff line are available only in active status with activated "Camel Full Roaming" service.

The included Internet traffic in roaming is valid in the following countries:

Country Network
Indonesia Indosat Ooredoo
China China Mobile
Qatar Ooredoo (Q-Tel)
Malaysia Maxis
Macao CTM
Singapore StarHub
Turkey Turkcell
South Korea KT
Belarus BeSt (Life:))
Kazakhstan Kcell
Russia Megafon
Thailand AiS
Ukraine lifecell
Sri Lanka MobiTel
Tajikistan Tcell
Kyrgyzstan Megacom
Kyrgyzstan NurTelecom



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