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Special tariff line «Doсtor»

Special tariff line Doctor

We appreciate each medical worker for their contribution to ensuring the health of the population of our country and are immensely grateful to them!
In order to support and create favorable conditions for healthcare system employees, Ucell launches a special tariff line Doctor.

Benefits of the tariff line:

  Three tariff plans of different volumes at competitive prices

  The optimal combination of minutes, SMS and MB

   Special internet packages with traffic up to 20 GB at an attractive price

«Doctor 30»

  •   Calls:
  • 1 500 minutes within Uzbekistan

  •  Internet:
  • 10 GB of internet traffic

  •  SMS:
  • 100 SMS within Uzbekistan

Monthly tariff fee: 30 000 soums

«Doctor 50»

  •   Calls:
  • 2 100 minutes within Uzbekistan

  •  Internet:
  • 15 GB of internet traffic

  •  SMS:
  • 500 SMS within Uzbekistan

Monthly tariff fee: 50 000 soums

«Doctor 80»

  •   Calls:
  • 3 000 minutes within Uzbekistan

  •  Internet:
  • 20 GB of internet traffic

  •  SMS:
  • 1 000 SMS within Uzbekistan

Monthly tariff fee: 80 000 soums

Checking limits within the tariff:


Checking internet traffic:


Additional packages:

  «Doktor 30» «Doktor 50» «Doktor 80»
Internet package for 10 000 soums
10 GB 15 GB 20 GB
  • Tariffication above the limit
    Call type Price for 1 minute airtime
    Outgoing calls within corporate group 0 soum
    Outgoing calls within network 84.20 soums
    Outgoing calls within Uzbekistan 126.30  soums
    Type of message Price of 1 message
    Outgoing SMS within corporate group 0 soums
    Outgoing SMS within network 84.20 soums
    Outgoing SMS within Uzbekistan 84.20 soums
    Outgoing international SMS 421 soums
    Outgoing MMS within corporate group 0 soums
    Outgoing MMS within network 84.2 soums
    Outgoing MMS within Uzbekistan 210.5 soums
    Outgoing international MMS 1263 soums
    Internet Price of 1 MB
    Ucell internet 421 soums
  • Additional info

    1. The tariff plan is available only for new connections.
    2. Connection to Doctor tariff plan is available at corporate customer service offices, upon presentation of the relevant document confirming membership in the profession;
    3. When connecting to Corporation service, the subscriber must come to the office of the company to conclude a subscription agreement. You must have the original passport with you, a document confirming membership in the profession, and a certificate filled out by the healthcare organization.
    4. In the case of the full consumption of internet traffic at a tariff, Internet is not charged and speed drops up to 64 kbps (the speed of free internet at the end of the included limit);
    5. If it’s needed to increase the speed, the client has the opportunity to enable the “Turbo Button” service by dialing USSD request *605# and use internet according to tariffing over the limit.
    6. After spending included internet traffic limit, the subscriber can connect other internet packages only after activating “Turbo button” service;
    7. Minutes provided for calls, SMS and internet within the tariff plan are set to zero according to the calendar schedule;
    8. If you connect to the tariff plan within a month, payment is made only for the number of days that remain in the month and the corresponding number of limits are assigned;
    9. Tariff fee for the tariff plan is charged every 1st day of the calendar month.
    10. Activation of each “Doctor GB” online package is possible only once in the current month;
    11. Charging over the limit is charged in accordance with the tariff plan;
    12. In case of active client status, but if there is less money on the balance than the monthly tariff fee of the tariff plan, the full price of the tariff fee of the tariff plan is charged;
    13. In the blocked status of the client, the cost of the tariff is not charged. When status changes from a blocked to an active one, the full price of the tariff is charges and the limits are provided in full. Checking the status is carried out within 15 days before a successful charging;
    14. Calls to CONTENT services and international destinations do not consume minutes/MB/SMS provided within the limits of the tariff plan;
    15. Allocated minutes, MB, SMS, provided within the limits on the terms of tariffs, are not available for subscribers who are in roaming;
    16. Every 1st day of a calendar month from 00:00 to 07:00 hours the cost of calls within Uzbekistan, internet traffic and SMS within Uzbekistan is 0 soums. In case of assignment of a service package under the terms of the tariff from 00:00 to 07:00 hours, tariffing and spending of traffic is carried out in accordance with the conditions established on the tariff plan;
    17. “Gigamania” internet packages, “Smart Internet” and “Internet Block” services are not available on Doctor tariff line;
    18. There is the possibility of changing the tariff plan within the tariff line.
    19. Using Company services, subscribers undertake:

    - do not apply actions that may cause harm to "COSCOM" LLC;
    - not abuse the right to use Company's communications in other forms;
    - use services of the Company within the framework of their main purpose.

    In case of doubt or disputes regarding the fair use of communication services, "COSCOM" LLC reserves the right to terminate the Agreement or change the tariff plan of the Client.

    Prices include VAT.


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