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Corporate tariff line "SMART Business"

Corporate tariff line "SMART Business"

The precise business-calculation!


 6 tariff plans of different value and volume, from large to small ones;

 Optimal combination of minutes traffic, SMS and MMS ;

 Affordable prices for Internet-packages till 3 GB;

 Free services.

For check the amount of limits - *100#

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Monthly subscription fee (UZS) 27 000 36 000 57 000 75 000 96 000 117 000
Airtime limit, minutes/month
within Uzbekistan
1000 2000 3000 5 000 10 000 30 000
SMS limit, SMS/month
within Uzbekistan
100 500 1000 5 000 10 000 30 000
Internet-traffic for 9000 UZS 1,5 GB
2 GB
2 GB
3 GB
2 GB
3 GB
2 GB
3 GB
4 GB
6 GB
5 GB
8 GB
Internet-traffic for 15000 UZS 3 GB
4 GB
4 GB
6 GB
4 GB
6 GB
4 GB
6 GB
8 GB
12 GB
8 GB
15 GB
Minutes within network for 8420 UZS 3000 3000 3000      
SMS within Uzbekistan for 8420 UZS 1000 1000 1000      

* According to the “More Internet” campaign. More

It is important to know! Bonuses granted within the framework of the campaign are not summarized, and when reassigning packages during a month, disabling ones or auto-renewing, bonus GB are set to zero.
In case of activating both "Gigamaniya" and "Smart Business" internet packages at the same time, the bonus GBs within the campaign are not summed up and the traffic of the last connected package will act

When deactivating one of Gigamania or Smart Business package, if both of packages are simultaneously active, all bonus GB provided within "More internet" campaign are set to zero in both packages.

The current subscribers of the "Smart Business" tariff line can receive bonuses according new conditions from the beginning of a new month after the successful write-off of the subscription fee for the tariff plan.
Billing over the limit
Call type
Price for 1 minute airtime
Outgoing calls within corporate group
0 sum
Outgoing calls within network
84.20 sum
Outgoing calls within Uzbekistan
126.30 sum
Outgoing calls on numbers in the frame of "Combined contract" service
84.20 sum
Message type
Price of 1 message
Outgoing SMS within corporate group
0 sum
Outgoing SMS within network
42.10 sum
Outgoing SMS within Uzbekistan
84.20 sum
Outgoing international SMS
421 sum
Outgoing MMS within corporate group
0 sum
Outgoing MMS within network
84.20 sum
Outgoing MMS within Uzbekistan
210.50 sum
Outgoing international MMS
1263 sum
Price of 1 MB
Ucell Internet (2G/3G/4G)
421 sum
  • Tariff plans of "SMART Business" line are available only for legal entities (postpaid);
  • Changing the tariff for the Smart Business tariff line for legal entities is available from the 25th to the last day of the calendar month, by sending a written application to the Corporate Customers Services Unit.
  • Subscribers of tariffs Special 100, Special 300, Unlimited, Easy and Fact Plus with account category Corporate VIP, Businessman, Individual will be able to switch to the corporate tariff line “Smart Business” by typing USSD-command * 505 #.
  • While subscribing client may choose tariff plan with Internet-traffic or without it;
  • Tariff plans XS, S, M, L of  "SMART Business" line are available only by new subscription, transition to tariff plans are closed except swapping within "SMART Business" line;
  • Tariff plans "SMART Business VIP" and "SMART Business XL" are available by new subscription and for transition from any tariff plan;
  • In case of transition from tariff plans of "SMART Business" corporate line to other corporate tariff plans or by termination of co-operation within 12 month from the date of subscription, clients must pay 100% of "Beautiful number" price acquired under the "SMART Business" tariff plan;
  • In the case of transition within the corporate "SMART Business" line from tariff plan with higher ratings for on a smaller, if acquired by subscribing grace "Beautiful numbers" ,subscriber must pay the full price of the number
  • From tariff line "SMART Business" you have the opportunity to transit only on "Fact Plus", "Unlimited" и "SMART Plan" tariff plans;
  • Minutes, SMS, MБ and MMS reset according to calendar schedule;
  • In "SMART Business" line the service "Combined contract" is available;
  • If you are subscribing within a month, the cost is charged, and traffic within tariff is provided for, respectively, only the number of days left in the month;
  • Bonuses under the tariff plans are assigned every 1st day of a calendar month;
  • In locked status of subscriber, monthly fee is not charged and bonuses are not provided. If you change the status from locked state to active, the next day is deducted monthly fee for the remaining number of days in a month and provided the appropriate amount of bonuses. Checking the status of the subscriber is carried out within 30 days prior to the successful charge;
  • In case, when balance is active, but it is not enough funds for charging monthly fee, monthly fee is removed completely and bonuses are fully provided. At the same time the client’s balance becomes inactive;
  • Provided tariff plans by LLC "Coscom" developed for the fair use of communication services. By using the services of the Company, clients accept commitment not to use the Company’s tariff plans for commercial purposes, installation of locks to the fixed network and IP-telephony, leading to malfunction of equipment or communication devices of Company;
  • The cost of Internet packages with no discount is 21050 sum. For package activation the subscriber's balance should be more than 21050 sum;
  • The first quota of tariffed information– 128 KB. The following quota size – 64 KB.
  • Please be informed, that assignment of mothly minutes, SMS and Internet traffic, according to the technical conditions is held in the 1st day of a calendar month after 00:00. In order to avoid misunderstandings, we recommend you to check assignment of daily limits on your balance before making calls, sending SMS or using Internet at this time (in this direction).
  • Untill assigning of limits of the minutes, SMS and Internet, charging for the minutes, SMS and Internet will be made from core balance according over limit tariffs.
  • Bonuses, provided according to the tariff, are available only in active status.
  • In case of purchasing package of minutes within network for 8420 sum, firstly minutes within the tariff line will be spent, afterwards minutes within the package.

Using the services of the Company, the Subscriber shall:

- not to apply actions that could harm the LLC "Coscom";
- do not abuse the right to other forms of;
- use the services of the Company within its primary purpose.

In case of doubt or dispute regarding fair use of communication services, LLC "Coscom" reserves the right to cancel the contract or change the tariff plan of the Client.

All prices are VAT inclusive. 
Transition to the tariff can be done from the 25th till the last day of the calendar month, by sending a written request to the Service Department of Corporate clients.

To make transition to another tariff you need to fill application form and visit Service Department of Corporate clients.

The amount of bank transfer is considered loaded when charged to the primary balance of the Client. The money is charged to the primary balance of the Customer from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 18:00.

Maximum period of blocking the number is equal to 90 days. 

Should you have any queries, you are welcome to see the answers in FAQ. In case if your question is not in the list, please contact us by following numbers: 8111 (only for Ucell subscribers), (+998 93) 382-09-09, 184-09-00 or write to us via e-mail Our fax number is (+998 71) 252-10-00

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