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1996-2006. The beginning.

1996, April. FE “COSCOM” LLC was founded as a joint stock company “MCT Telecom Corp.” (99.2%) and a local partner (0.8%).
The focused area of the enterprise is the development of modern cellular communication system in the GSM 900/1800 standard.
The first network was launched in Samarkand city and then the network was covered the whole country.

1997- 2004. “COSCOM” Company joined the International GSM Association. “COSCOM” Company was the first to offer the service of international automatic roaming to its users in Uzbekistan. It concluded an agreement with the satellite operator “Thuraya” allowing the Company subscribers to use the roaming system with the network coverage in more than 100 countries all over the world.

2007 – 2008. “Telia Company”

2007, July. The major shareholder of FE “COSCOM” LLC was the Swedish-Finnish company “Telia Company” that is one of the leading European competitors in the telecommunication market. “Telia Company” participated in the GSM technology opening in 1993.

2008. FE “COSCOM” LLC started to implement the plans on complete modernization of radio and communication equipment, launching of 3G system and offers of new and modern services to its subscribers.
The special attention paid to the developments of new offers for the Company subscribers and further expansion of the network coverage, so that the Company services become available and for those who live in the most remote areas of Uzbekistan.

2008 – 2018. “Ucell” trademark.

In June 2008 FE “COSCOM” LLC relaunched its trademark completely and instead of “COSCOM”, a new “Ucell” brand was appeared.
Ucell Company was a part of Telia Company Group, providing telecommunication services in the Nordic and Baltic countries, Spain and in developing countries of Eurasia, including Russia and Turkey.

June 16, 2011 by operating under a single brand with the affiliates of Telia Company in Northern Europe and Eurasia as of, 2011, Company Ucell provided a wide range of products and services to its subscribers as well as the entire experience and technical innovations of one of the leading operators in Europe.

2018 – 2020. State Enterprise

December 5, 2018. Telia Company announced on the sale of its shares in Ucell (FE “COSCOM” LLC) to the State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan for contribution of privatized enterprises and development of competition.

Vladimir Kravchenko appointed as an acting CEO of “COSCOM” LLC (Ucell trademark).

2019. For the period passed as of the owner changing in December 2018, the team successfully achieved a number of positive results.
In the first half of 2019, there are positive trends compared to the similar period of last year.
SIM card sales was increased by 14,3%.
The subscriber base grew by 8% and as of today it is amounted to 7,6 million subscribers.
The revenue from subscribers increased by 2%.

2019, September 25. Within the scope of the annual ICT EXPO exhibition, for the first time Ucell demonstrated the commercial 5G equipment in Uzbekistan, symbolically launching the practical implementation stage of 5G network rollout project. Another pleasant surprise for the Company subscribers is the availability of mobile communication at the stations of Tashkent metropolitan.

Currently, Ucell mobile communication is available at all metro stations. The fifth generation network launched in the center of Tashkent city.

Present time

USM Telecom and MegaFon, in cooperation with partners from Uzbekistan, are creating Digital Holding, a joint venture designed to become the technological leader of the largest telecommunications market in Central Asia. The joint venture will comprise the country's telecommunications market leader Ucell and USM’s Uzbek assets CRPT Turon and ICS Holding Uzbekistan.

The Government of Uzbekistan, through the Agency for State Assets Management (ASAM), will transfer 100% of the authorized capital of the telecom operator Ucell into the joint venture. The Russian side will contribute $100 million investments into Digital Holding, as well USM Uzbek subsidiaries CRPT Turon and ICS Holding Uzbekistan.

A team of Ucell specialists works every day to improve the quality of communication and increase the convenience of service. The company has always been a leader in the mobile communications market of Uzbekistan and was the first to offer subscribers new products and services. In the near future, a global technical reconstruction of the network planned.
Andrey Shishkovsky, formerly Megafon's regional development director in Russia, has been appointed CEO of Ucell (COSCOM LLC).
ICS Holding Uzbekistan was headed by Andrey Maigur.
Anatoly Bachikalov has been retained as CEO of CRPT Turon.

2022, August.

– The 2G Ucell network covers 97.8% of settlements.
– The company's 3G network covers 76,8% of the country's settlements.
– The 4G network covers 85,2% of large cities.
– The 5G network. Ucell remains the pioneer in introducing of fifth generation cellular communication: works is underway to deploy 5G in central areas of Tashkent based on Nokia and Huawei equipment. In Samarkand, the deployment of 5G on ZTE equipment has been completed: now 5G is working in the international airport, Silk Road Samarkand tourist center and in the central districts of the city.

Currently, the Company’s services are used by more than 8 million subscribers.

The largest cellular operator of Uzbekistan strives to ensure that with the help of modern technologies introduced by Ucell, a better quality of life is available everywhere and is useful to everyone.

Services are licensed:
License AA #0006634 issued by the Ministry for development of information technologies and communications of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
Address: 118, V.Vakhidov Street, 100031, Tashkent city, Uzbekistan
Tel.: (+998 93) 1800000


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