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Free access to sites, favorable rates and services

Free access to sites, favorable rates and services

Spring offers from Ucell:

The country continues to work and study remotely under quarantine conditions, and at the same time, the need for Internet resources has increased several times. Ucell has opened free access to a wide range of educational and medical sites. In addition, a number of new tariffs and service packages have been introduced at competitive prices.
Young readers of website turned to the country's mobile operators with a request to add megabytes to them. This is a great idea.
Following the wishes of subscribers, to create favorable conditions for communication, all subscribers will have the opportunity to connect free megabytes and minutes for communication at the end of this week.
Ucell Company went even further. In order for schoolchildren, regardless of circumstances, to be able to use video lessons prepared by educational institutions with the assistance of the Ministry of Public Education and the Ministry of Preschool Education, non-tariffed access to the following educational Internet resources was opened on March 9th:

In addition, from March 19, unlimited access to the following educational and medical sites is open:
Access to the website, where it is possible to obtain objective and truthful information about the coronavirus in Uzbekistan and measures to prevent its spread, is also open.

Now it is very important to keep abreast of the latest developments and always stay in touch. Mobile operator Ucell has prepared a number of services for the most comfortable communication.
From 03.05.2020 to 03.31.2020, for subscribers of the Special and Active tariff lines, the Internet Gift service is provided with a 50% discount. That is not all. From the beginning of April 2020, on Special and Active tariffs, there will be much more minutes, megabytes and gigabytes, and prices will remain the same.

Ucell Company provided its subscribers with another offer. From 13.03.2020 to 31.03. 2020, by connecting the “Navruz 2020” service, subscribers receive 2020 SMS, 2020 minutes in Uzbekistan, 2020 MB of Internet for 3 days for 2020 soums. Due to the popularity of this promotion, it is planned to extend it until the end of May 2020.

Not only work and study went to the Internet, but also the opportunity to visit museums, concerts, operas and even zoos in the world online. In order for leisure time during quarantine to take place with benefit and benefit, new COSMO tariff plans have been launched. Calls and the Internet, traffic on YouTube, social networks and instant messengers, as well as additional services for a monthly fee of 16 to 28 thousand soums. Also launched unlimited Internet tariff "Awesome Internet" for only 22 thousand soums.

We strive to ensure that with the help of modern technologies implemented by Ucell, the best quality of life is accessible everywhere and useful to everyone, and we are ready to support in any situation. The world has a great opportunity to spend time with family. Finally, to get to those things for which there was always not enough time, self-develop and think about health. What is your opinion?

Please note that some resources contain multimedia content (photos, videos or links to other sites) that are not included in the list of IP addresses of non-tariffed resources. When you switch to other resources, you leave the scope of the service and the traffic is charged according to your current tariff plan or from internet balance if available.


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