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Ucell. The almost invisible heroes of the technical department

Ucell. The almost invisible heroes of the technical department

They can climb the most dangerous peaks, overcome any weather conditions, establish communications and connect world-wide networks. Superheroes from science fiction films?
No, we are talking about the engineers of the cellular company Ucell.

Red and white towers have long become part of the urban and rural landscape. For most of us, these are just antennas.
For any cellular company, these are the same “antennas” is a guarantee of stable and uninterrupted communication. Therefore, the work of the technical department is of strategic importance.

Every day, COSCOM LLC (Ucell trademark) receives calls from subscribers from all over the country. Regional leaders and engineers go to places of contact: to study the situation, opportunities to optimize and upgrade an existing base station or install a new one.
Each appeal is taken into account and finds its solution. These days, in conditions of quarantine and restrictions on movement, such meetings are especially difficult, however, employees of the technical department continue to travel to places and work to ensure that communication is always available.

For the best communication quality

Since the beginning of the year, the specialists of the Ucell mobile operator have carried out a large amount of work to improve the network coverage, and therefore the quality of the services provided.
This work is also noticeable to the average user. To make it clearer, let′s look at some statistics.

185 new modern base stations were commissioned throughout Uzbekistan:
154 – LTE mobile wireless broadband standard stations;
22 – GSM cellular communication stations at new sites;
6 –3G cellular stations;
3 – stations of a new generation of 5G mobile communications for trial operation.

Since the beginning of the year, over 200 communications facilities of the company have been almost completely modernized in the country. The capacity of the existing 75 3G stations and more than 200 LTE base stations has been expanded. Optimized the radio network.

The capacity of transport channels on 287 microwave transmission lines has been increased. Microwave transmission lines, along with fiber optic, are used to ensure the transfer of large amounts of information from base stations of 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G standards to the main elements of the core cellular network. These lines are most often used in remote places, with poorly developed transport infrastructure or where there are difficulties and the cost-effective construction of cable fiber optic lines.

Plans for the development and improvement of the network for 2020 - 2022 have been developed and detailed.

What has changed during quarantine?

During the quarantine period, there is an intensified work on maintenance and elimination of accidents. There are also independent operational teams without contact. All teams are equipped with vehicles, the necessary amount of operational material and spare parts. This separation allows you to reduce the contacts of employees, while maintaining the efficiency and scope of work to eliminate accidents in standard time.
Most of the technical staff was transferred to remote work, so there were some corrections to the plans for ongoing work.

For all of us, communication today is the only way to keep in touch with family, to keep abreast of the latest developments in the country and the world. Tens of thousands of office workers have been transferred to remote work, students and pupils to distance learning throughout the country. All this significantly influenced the consumption of Internet traffic. Due to the increased load, control over the quality indicators of the network and measures to quickly respond requests from subscribers of the Company has strengthened. 

For the Company, this is the first experience of work in quarantine. For a department where movement is of particular importance, it is a bold challenge and a serious test. We tried to describe to you the part of work of the technical department.

Every day, a team of Ucell specialists works to bring innovative technologies to every corner of our country. Ucell strives to ensure that the best quality of life is useful to everyone and accessible everywhere.

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