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The 10th children playground within the project “Ucell – Quvonch Makoni” has appeared this time in Andijan!

The 10th children playground within the project “Ucell – Quvonch Makoni” has appeared this time in Andijan!

One of major social initiatives of mobile operator Ucell still keeps people of our country in joy. On the eve of favorite holiday Navruz, the company brought joy to its young friends.  
It is especially nice to notice that the project “Ucell- Quvonch Makoni” in Andijan was not the only gift to population of the city. Within state program “Year of healthy mother and child”, the khokimiyat of Andijan region has also taken part in the project and now in the 2nd district of the city, there is a new basketball ground now, which is good for safe family leisure activities.
Commentary of Rodica Verbeniuc, corporate communications director of Ucell: “Each project «Ucell- Quvonch Makoni» has its own character and distinct colors, regardless of a single concept. Today is a festival for people of Andijan! New places for bringing up healthy generations, festive sumalak served as special supplementary to the project. In this regard, it is noteworthy to say about friendly, family-some work of local authorities and population. Today’s festival for children of Andijan is a good example of that”.
“I could hardly wait for opening of new playground. I saw workers, counted for days. I am very happy to see it in our neighborhood. Now we have a children playground now, separate ground for basketball and volleyball” – shared his joy 8 years old Rustam, who was one of those who first were swinging.
“Now we can be calm for nice and safe leisure of our children in the yard. We could only dream about such a playground built in according to leading technologies!” – noted spouses Maksud and Nurangiz Ismailovs from Andijan – we live in the next house. There a many children in our houses and they are very happy with that gift”.
Moreover, children playground and territory around it created favorable conditions for family leisure, thinks Maftuna Gualamova from Andijan.    
10 playgrounds have been built within project “Ucell- Quvonch Makoni” by now. While implementing this social project, the Company gives preference to security issue, safety of active leisure of children. This factor dominates in choice of the place both during construction phase and in choice of sports inventory.
The next objects will be built in Namangan, Surkhandarya regions and Tashkent city.
This kind initiative of the Company goes on and will give joy to people of the country with its new projects.
Ucell gives special thanks to its construction partner – Infranet Asia and khokimiyat of Andijan region.

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