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The project “Voice of women. Leadership in modern society” expands its geography!

The project “Voice of women. Leadership in modern society” expands its geography!

As we had informed before within the scope of the program for the support of the society social development, telecommunication Company “Ucell” several months ago launched the project “The voice of women. Leadership in modern society”. For a short period, this initiative had a wide resonance among the women. As the subjects of held seminars in the capital were interesting and actual for the hundreds of participants. Taking into the increasing interest of the audience, Company took a decision to hold the trainings within the framework of the project in the Regions. The first direction was to Fergana Region.
The choice in favor of Fergana Region as the first place for starting of the regional project training was made by the Company in non-random order. Just Fergana Region women started to send the letters with their wishes to the Facebook page of Ucell on educational training. Besides that in this Region, we can see the maximum activity of the women in all spheres of the life. In addition, the point at issue is equally about the women from rural areas and cities. That’s why Company “Ucell” decided to organize at a time two sessions. The first one was held on November 18 in the hotel “Aziya Fergana”. For discussion by the participants, the women from rural areas, we offered a subject “Work and Home. How to find the balance?” It is sufficiently close subject for the audience. Traditional way of life in the villages, housekeeping, multiple duties of mother, spouse, daughter-in-law always put the issues in front of the women to divide the time properly. Within the scope of the training, the specialists suggested informative tasks, interactive exercises to the participants by which the audience had got important knowledge and skills which can be demanded for balancing of power and time in work and in family life.
Participant of the training Dilorom Umarova commented:At first I would like to say about the atmosphere created here. It prepossesses to warm –hearted and sincere communication. Today we consider the subject, which is close for each village women. I had very useful information. I see that many things depend on proper planning of the time. Besides that, I had communicated with the other women, found out how they solve their problems. I would like to express my gratitude to Ucell for such initiative. All today’s discussions are very important for all of us.”
As a guest, we invited a specialist of health care sphere to the training, Zulfiya Islambekova, Doctor of Medical Science. In her presentations, she gave much useful advices about the preventive measures of breast cancer, preventing of this disease, information about minimum influence of available risk factors. The participants listened to the stylists and make –up designers with the strong interest. Indeed the clothes and appearance always should emphasize the women.
Director of Corporate Communications of Company Ucell, Rodica Verbenuic, commented:
Company is proud that the project “Voice of Women, Leadership in modern society” had found the support in the Regions. Women have many plans and various interests. They are united in one that as a final result       they have an aim to strengthen the family, it means to support in development of the society, proper bringing up the children. We expect that todays’ discussions and knowledge which they got will help them efficiently to achieve their targets”.
Company Ucell expresses its gratitude to the Hokimiyat of Fergana Region for cooperation in organization and holding of the training, administration of Fergana city as well other public organizations in the Region.

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