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Ucell supports traditions that passed through centuries!

Ucell, being the part of TeliaCompany Group of companies and providing communication services in Uzbekistan, also actively supports cultural heritage and values of the country. This year, Ucell is supporting the second festival of traditional textile “Atlas bayrami” (Festival of satin).


Holiday tariff plan “Happy 25!” from Ucell!

We can only guess the meaning of this number when it is referred to the offer from the telecommunication operator “Ucell”, minutes, quantity of SMS or the volume of mobile internet megabytes. This time the Company found a new method of a new tariff plan promotion via using the digital quantity, which these days is in a special symbolism. Press Office of Company “Ucell” informs on it.


Ucell announces discount on roaming during the Hajj!

While implementing business strategy, the telecommunication operator Ucell considers constant improvement of coverage and quality of its telecommunication services range as a major target. The company is thinking about the interests of users when developing new proposals, in order that the mobile service would remain accessible regardless of the location of the Ucell subscriber. The next news will make happy those citizens who are planning to visit Saudi Arabia these days.


License of Ucell in Uzbekistan has been prolonged for another 15 years!

One of the first companies on telecommunication network of Uzbekistan and the first company in Central Asia that operates in GSM standard, FE COSCOM LLC (TM Ucell) has announced about prolongation of the license on provision of mobile communication services for next 15 years says the Press-office of the Company. The licensing body has made decision on prolongation of the license of the mobile operator for designing, construction, operation and provision of mobile communication services until 10.10.2031. Earlier, the Company has prolonged other 4 licenses in the field of telecommunications until 2020 and 2021, which confirms long term plans of the Company on development and business for the benefit of Uzbekistan and the society.


Company Ucell held a charity campaign for the employees “Ucell Blood Donor Day!”

On August 3, 2015 the first donor voluntary campaign “Ucell Blood Donor Day!\Corporate Donor Day!” was held within the walls of the Ucell Plaza. During this Day 66 employees of the Company took part in the event via replenishing the blood banks of the Republican Blood Donor Center with 15 liters. Company Press office informs on it.


Ucell played tickets for the royal race!

Developing business with the aim of providing high-tech services, Ucell launches a large number of campaigns to its subscribers. One of them was the promotional campaign "Internet Race 2016". Its idea is in the promotion of mobile Internet services on the market, popularization of modern mobile devices among users. In order to become the owner of the tickets to the Grand Prix of Formula 1, as well as solid prizes from Ucell it was necessary to use the mobile Internet and collect chances, stated the press office of Ucell.

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