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Ucell is widening its network

Ucell is widening its network

FE “COSCOM”LLC  (Ucell TM) is widening its 3G/4G network coverage. In the period from 18th of June till 1st of July, 2018 the following base stations were put into operation:

67 base stations of 3G standard in:

Andijan region:
  • in Kadym village (2) and Niyozbotir makhallya of Asaka district;
  • in Ovulmat makhallya of Ulugnar district;
  • on Asaka street of Asaka town;
  • on Shakhrikhan avenue of Shakhrikhan town;

Bukhara region:

  • on Madaniyat street of Kagan town;

Jizzakh region:

  • on Yangiabad street of Sharaf Rashidov district;

Fegana region:

  • in Begabad, Yangikurgan, Nayman, Kurganabad va Akkurgan villages of Buvayda district;
  • in Charbag village and Farovon makhallya of Uchkuprik district;
  • Sufon and Yukory Muyan villages of Kuvasay town;
  • in Ultarma village of Bagdad district;
  • on B. Margiloniy street of Kushtepa district;

Khorezm region:

  • in Navruz township Urgench town;
  • in Chakkasholikor village of Urgench district;
  • in Chikirchi village Yangiaryk district;

Kashkadarya region:

  • in Odamtosh territory of Dehkanabad district;
  • in Dukchi village of Shakhrisabz district;
  • in Sherali village of Guzor district;
  • in Kajar village of Karshi district;

Namangan region:

  • on Chust street of Turakurgan district;
  • 53-56th km of Tashkent – Osh highway;
  • in Gurmiran makhallya, Yoshlik and Kukumboy villages of Kasansay district;
  • in Gulistan makhallya of Chust town;
  • in Mekhnatabad village and T. Jurayev street of Mingbulak district;
  • in Shahand village of Turakurgan district;
  • in Navkent village of Yangikurgon district;
  • in Yorkatay village of Uychi district;
  • in Uchtepa va Norinkapa villages of Norin district;
  • on Chustiy street and Zuvtkand makhallya of Chust district;
  • in Chodak village of Pap district;

Samarkand region:

  • in Chelak town of Payaryk district;
  • in Azamat village of Ishtikhan district;
  • in Sarikbosh village of Pastargom district;
  • in Karakulcha and Mullakichkina villages of Kattakurgan district;
  • in A. Temur makhallya of Bulungur district;
  • in Sherkurgan village of Taylak district;
  • in Turtaygir and Temirak villages of Akdarya district;

Surkhandarya region:

  • in Beshkutan village of Muzrabod district;
  • in Kumkurgan village of Kumkurgan district;
  • in Okkurgon and Seplan villages of Sherobod district;
  • in Inkabor makhallya of Baysun district;
  • in Sohibkor, Katta Karshi va Nomozgoh makhallyas of Denov district;
  • in Pakhtaabad village of Termez district;

Tashkent region:

  • in Chinaz village of Chinaz district;
  • in zinc plant and M. Ulugbek street of Almalyk town;
  • in Chikrizov avenue of Angren town;
  • in Bolodala makhallya of Bustanlyk district;

24 base stations of 4G standard in:

Andijan region:

  • on Chulpan, A. Yuldashev streets and on 3rd small massif of Andijan city;

Bukharo region:

  • on Mustakillik and Abay streets of Bukhara town;

Navoiy region:

  • on S. Ayniy. R. Kambarov and Inspektorskiy street of Navoiy city;

Samarkand region:

  • on Yarmuhammedov, Panjakent, Khuja Akhror, Ibn Sino, Ziyokorlar, Turkistan, Kurchatov streets, Spitamen avenue (2) and Kushkuprik makhallya of Samarkand city;
  • in Bogibaland village, M. Ayubov street, Kavchinon and Urganji makhallyas of Samarkand district;

Tashkent city:

  • on Mumtoz and Khavast streets of Yashnabad district.

The increase in the number of base stations and further expansion of network coverage will make high quality mobile communication services available to a greater number of people of Uzbekistan.

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