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Transition to 9-digit numbering system

Transition to 9-digit numbering system

Dear subscribers!

From 10.09.2018 within the frame of the program of gradual transition to the new system of numbers dialing Ucell telephone network will be switched to 9-digit numbering system. From the given period and on when Ucell subscribers dial a number within the Republic of Uzbekistan, it will be necessary to dial the code of the city (region) or operator.

Example of numbers dialing: 

Operator Old version of dialing numbers New version of dialing numbers
Mobile operators
Ucell 180хххх / 0593 180xxxx
654хххх / 0594 654xxxx
93 180хххх
94 654хххх
Beeline 976хххх / 0590 976xxxx
131хххх / 0591 131xxxx
90 976хххх
91 131хххх
UMS 745хххх / 0597 745xxxx 97 745хххх
Perfectum 363хххх / 0598 363xxxx 98 363хххх
Uzmobile GSM 882хххх / 0599 882xxxx 99 882хххх
Uzmobile CDMA 194хххх / 0595 194xxxx 95 194хххх

Examples of dialing numbers of the city telephone networks:

Region Old version of dialing numbers New version of dialing numbers
Tashkent city 278xxxx / 0371 278xxxx 71 278xxxx
Tashkent region 600хххх / 0370 600xxxx 70 600xxxx
Republic of Karakalpakstan 312xxxx / 0361 312xxxx 61 312xxxx
Andijan region 270xxxx / 0374 270xxxx 74 270xxxx
Bukhara region 223xxxx / 0365 223xxxx 65 223xxxx
Jizzakh region 226xxxx / 0372 226xxxx 72 226xxxx
Kashkadarya region 225xxxx / 0375 225xxxx 75 225xxxx
Namangan region 210xxxx / 0369 210xxxx 69 210xxxx
Navoiy region 573xxxx / 0379 573xxxx 79 573xxxx
Samarkand region 233xxxx / 0366 233xxxx 66 233xxxx
Surkhandarya region 223xxxx / 0376 223xxxx 76 223xxxx
Syrdarya region 220xxxx / 0367 220xxxx 67 220xxxx
Fergana region 222xxxx / 0373 222xxxx 73 222xxxx
Khorezm region 225xxxx / 0362 225xxxx 62 225xxxx

When calling to subscribers of "BUZTON", "EAST TELECOM", "SARKOR TELECOM", "SHARQ TELECOM" operators, it’s necessary to dial "78" code (before "71").

Examples of dialing the numbers of operators of fixed telephone networks: 

Operator Old version of dialing numbers New version of dialing numbers
"BUZTON" 120хххх / 0371 120xxxx 78 120хххх
"EAST TELECOM" 150хххх / 0371 150xxxx 78 150хххх
"SARKOR TELECOM" 122хххх / 0371 122xxxx 78 122хххх
"SHARQ TELECOM" 113хххх / 0371 113xxxx 78 113хххх

Please consider these innovations when dialing the number of the called subscriber.


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