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Ucell continues to expand the network

Ucell continues to expand the network

FE “COSCOM”LLC  (Ucell TM) is widening its 3G/4G network coverage again.

In November, 2018 the following base stations were put into operation:
  • 62 base stations of 3G standart in:
Andijan region:
  • in Bobur makhallya of Khudjaabad town;
  • in Urtoklar village of Izboskan district;
  • in Kundji village of Andijan district;
  • in Bustan massif of Andijan city;
Bukhara region:
  • in Dargali village of Karakul district;
Jizzakh region:
  • in Savot village of Yangiabad district;
  • in Tongotar village of Bakhmal district;
Khorezm region:
  • on Sh. Rashidov street and Sanoat village of Khazarasp district;
Kashkadarya region:
  • in Tukboy makhallya of Kamashi district;
  • in Pudina makhallya of Kasansay district;
  • in Alakuylak makhallya of Yakkabag district;
  • in Mubarek and Shakh villages of Mubarek district;
Namangan region:
  • in Urikzar village of Chust district;
  • in Birlashgan and Navruzabad villages of Yangikurgan district;
  • in Momokhan village of Mingbulak district;
Navoiy region:
  • in Yangiabad village of Kanimekh district;
  • in Akhunbabayev massif of Navbakhor district;
Samarkand region:
  • in Chordara village of Ishtikhan district;
  • in Bakht makhallya of Narpay district;
  • in Kattakurpa village of Kattakurgan district;
  • in Dekhkanabad makhallya of Pakhtachi district;
  • in A. Aktubayev, Madaniyat makhallyas and Aytamgali village of Payaryk district;
  • in Ravot and Ilonli villages of Urgut district;
  • in Yangikurgancha village of Kattakurgan district;
  • in A. Navoiy village of Akdarya district;
  • in Sarychashma, Beshbola, Juriyat, Kangli, Uyas villages and Tut makhallya of Jamboy district;
Сырдарьинской region:
  • in Sokhibkor village of Khavas district;
  • in Dustlik village of Angor district;
  • in Tolli village of Shurchi district;
  • in Minor village of Jarkurgan district;
  • in Muzrabat village of Muzrabat district;
  • in A. Navoiy village of Angor district;
  • in Dustlik makhallya of Bayavut district;
  • in Gulistan makhallya of Saykhuabad district;
Ташкентской region:
  • in Shavvazsay of Akhangaran district;
  • in Buz-su village of Zangiata district;
  • in Buka district;
Tashkent city:
  • on Elbek street of Yashnabad district;
Republic of Karakalpakstan:
  • on Nukus-Turtkul highway, Taslak massif and Kyzketgen street of Nukus town;
  • in Kipchak aul of Amudarya district;
  • in Uzbekistan, A, durdiyev streets of Turtkul district;
  • on Beruni street of Turtkul town;
  • in Dustlik, Kilichinok villages and on Khamid Alimjan street of Ellikkala district;
  • on. T. Aybergenov street of Kungrat district;

  •  19 base stations of 4G standart in:
Samarkand region:
  • in Turkman village of Samarkand district;
  • on Bedil and Lolazor streets and in Kimyogarlar kurgan of Samarkand city;
  • in Namazgakh makhallya of Pastdargam district;
Jizzakh region:
  • in Khayrabad village of Sharaf Rashidov district;
Tashkent city:
  • on U. Nosir street of Yakkasary district;
  • on Sholokhov and Abdullayev streets of Yashnabad district;
  • on A. Navoiy street of Shaykhantakhur district;
  • on Fergana yuli, 8th of March, Afrosiyab, Shakhrisabz and Karakamysh streets of Mirabad district;
  • on Yangi Sergeli street of Sergeli district;
  • on Chust street of Mirzo Ulugbek district;
  • in 8th block and A. Kadyri street of Yunusabad district.
The increase in the number of base stations and further expansion of network coverage will make high quality mobile communication services available to a greater number of people of Uzbekistan.

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