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«Perfect 10»

«Perfect 10»

Dear subscribers,

We are glad to announce that from 25.02.2021 a new quiz "Perfect 10" will be launched together with the content provider Mobi Tel Inform!

«Perfect10» (hereinafter «Tez10») is an interactive and fun web service where members can answer questions every day and compete for a variety of valuable prizes. The subscriber is provided with 10 questions, 10 seconds for each question. In case the subscriber answers all the questions correctly, he/she gets the opportunity to win a valuable prize. In online mode, the table of participants with the highest scores will be displayed.

To activate the service, use one of the following options:
  1. Dial USSD command *414#;
  2. Send an SMS with any text (except for individual commands) to 4141;
  3. On the website, click on the button to connect to the «Tez10» service.
To unsubscribe from a service:

- send SMS with the word Stop to 4141.

To get information:

- send SMS with the word Help to 4141.

Terms of connection and tariffication:

With the initial subscription, the first day is free, from the next day the subscription fee will be 1684 UZS/ day. When debiting, the subscriber is given 20 points and the opportunity to take a test of 10 questions.

If the subscribed subscriber does not have enough funds on the account at the beginning of the day, he is offered 3 options for participation:

- writing off 1263 UZS, while providing 15 points and the opportunity to pass the test
- writing off 842 UZS, with 10 points and the opportunity to pass the test
-Schedule 421 UZS, with 5 points and the opportunity to take the test

If the subscriber has passed the test and wants to answer 10 more questions, then he will need to activate the "Restart" function. The subscriber will be charged 1684 UZS and will be able to take the test again.

Scoring for correct answers:

0 correct answers - 0 points
1 correct answer - 5 points
2 correct answers - 10 points
3 correct answers - 15 points
4 correct answers - 20 points
5 correct answers - 50 points
6 correct answers - 80 points
7 correct answers - 100 points
8 correct answers - 130 points
9 correct answers - 150 points
10 correct answers - 200 points

There are 3 categories of winners:

- daily for 12 months, 1,500,000 UZS will be received by those who have time to correctly answer all the questions at the specified time;
- monthly within 12 months 15,000,000 UZS will be received by those who collect the most points per month;
- the main prize at the end of the 12th month - 150,000,000 UZS will be awarded to the one who scores the most points in a year.

Additional information is available on the website


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