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Technical work 06.06 – 12.06.2022 y.

Technical work 06.06 – 12.06.2022 y.

Due to the planned technical work, Ucell subscribers may experience a short interruption of customer service, interruptions in the acceptance of payments and self-service USSD in the country, as well as a short-term deterioration in the quality of services provided.

Date and time of work: June 06, 2022, 00:00 - June 12, 2022, 23:59
Work types:
  • Work on updating the software of switching equipment;
  • Radio network optimization;
  • Planned and preventive work on the equipment;
  • Expansion of the transport network;
  • 2G, 3G, 4G.
Regions, cities and areas of work: Andijan region Asaka city, Asaka district, Khodjaabad district, Jalakud district, Kurgantepa district, Oltinkul district, Sharikhan district,  Pahtaabad district
Djizak region Mirzachul district, Arnasay district
Qashqadaryo region Karshi city, Shakhrisabz city, Nishan district, Guzar district, Mirishkor district, Muborak district, Kamashi district, Kamashi district, Shakhrisabz district, Kitab district, Chirakchi district, Koson  district, Dekhkanabad district
Navoi region Navbakhor district
Namangan region Namangan city, Kasansay district, Yangikurgan district, Uychi district, Mingbulok district, Turakurgan district, Pap districts 
Samarkand region Bulungur city, Bulungur district, Samarkand district, Taylak district, Urgut district, Ishtikhon district, Okdarya district
Sirdarya region Gulistan district, Bayavut district, Akaltin district, Sardoba district, Mirzaabad district
Tashkent region Angren city, Chirchik city, Gazalkent city, Yangibazar city, Parkent district, Bustanlik district, Zangiata district, Kuyichirchik district, Bekabad district, Yukorichirchik district, Akhangaran district, Pskent district, Yangiyul districts, Kibray district, Buka distrikct
Fergana region Yazyavan district, Uzbekistan district, Buvayda district, Besharik district, Kushtepa district, Bagdad district, Fergana district
Khorezm region Urgench district
Republik of Karakalpakstan Ellikkala district
Tashkent city Almazar district, Yashnabad district, Mirzo Ulugbek district, Sergili district

These deteriorations are temporary and will result in better service delivery in the future.

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