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Current purchases of Ucell

Proposal request number Proposal request subject Publication date Closing date for proposals Status
21 Purchase of car maintenance services in Tashkent 03.02.2023 13.02.2023,17:00 Active
20 Disinfection, deratization and disinfection services at the company's offices in Tashkent and the regions 01.02.2023 07.02.2023,18:00 Active
19 Placement of advertising and information materials on the sides of public buses 31.01.2023 10.02.2023,16:00 Active
17 Placement of advertising materials of the company on TV channels of the Republic of Uzbekistan 30.01.2023 10.02.2023,16:00 Active
16 Purchase of chairs for employees and managers 26.01.2023 06.02.2023, 16:00 Active
15 Purchase of rental of a conference hall, restaurant and accommodation rooms for the purpose of holding a strategic session in Tashkent 25.01.2023 03.02.2023,18:00 Active
14 Purchase of components for UPS APC SYMMETRA PX. 25.01.2023 06.02.2023,17:00 Active
13 Delivery of household goods 24.01.2023 31.01.2023,14:00 Active
12 Conducting joint projects with Bloggers 24.01.2023 10.02.2023,17:00 Active
11 Telephone survey services among subscribers 20.01.2023 06.02.2023,17:00 Active
10 Maintenance and emergency recovery services of air conditioners installed at the facilities of COSCOM LLC 19.01.2023 02.02.2023,18:00 Active
9 Purchase of branded souvenirs (diaries and packages) 19.01.2023 02.02.2023,18:00 Active
8 Food supply 17.01.2023 23.01.2023,14:00 Active
7 Purchase of video cameras, speakerphones and USB 2.0 extension cords 17.01.2023 23.01.2023,18:00 Active
6 The course "Training in data management using ACCESS and EXCEL. Modular Excel course for financiers advanced level 17.01.2023 23.01.2023,12:00 Active
5 Services for the placement of advertising and informational materials, conducting promotions and contests on channels and groups in the Telegram messenger 16.01.2023 25.01.2023,16:00 Active
4 Fiber Optic Cable maintenance services (Tashkent, Tashkent region, Syrdarya region) 12.01.2023 30.01.2023,14:00 Active
3 Placement of advertising materials of the company at the LED stops of the city of Tashkent 12.01.2023 23.01.2023,16:00 Active
2 Supply of drinking bottled water 19l. and repair of equipment (cooler) for drinking bottled water 19l., to the company's offices in Tashkent and the regions of the Republic of Uzbekistan 11.01.2023 13.01.2023,16:00 Active
1 Purchase of AVR shields 10.01.2023 13.01.2023,16:00 Active
152 Purchase of cable products 21.12.2022 16.01.2023,17:00 Active
151 Purchase of a data collection terminal 20.12.2022 26.12.2022,14:00 Active
150 Purchase of components for UPS APC SYMMETRA PX 16.12.2022 23.12.2022,17:00 Active
149 Production of promotional videos and development of creative ideas and scenarios for videos 16.12.2022 10.01.2023,18:00 Active
148 Services for the placement of animated advertising and informational materials through the BIOID and Eskimi programming platforms 15.12.2022 23.12.2022,18:00 Active
146 Transaction analysis services in accordance with the requirements of Chapter VI of the Tax Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan 13.12.2022 26.12.2022,15:00 Active
145 Placement of advertising materials of the company on TV channels of the Republic of Uzbekistan for the needs of COSCOM LLC 12.12.2022 14.12.2022,17:00 In process
144 Purchase of cars for own needs of OOO "COSCOM" 07.12.2022 14.12.2022,18:00 In process
143 Request for prices for the development of design and estimate documentation (PSD) and expert opinion for the object: Repair in a new format of the Ucell-Markaziy sales and customer service office in the Plaza building located at the address: Tashkent, Yunus-Abadsky district, Shakhrisabz str., 1. 06.12.2022 14.12.2022,16:00 In process
142 Selection of the contractor for the restoration of paint and varnish anticorrosive coating AMS 05.12.2022 12.12.2022,16:00 Active
141 Purchase of servers and server racks, including installation and integration with the Company's information and network technology infrastructure 05.12.2022 23.12.2022,18:00 Active
137 Purchase of services for the production, adaptation and resizing of web banners 01.12.2022 15.12.2022,18:00 Active
135 Purchase of plumbing, mechanical and consumables for own needs of OOO "COSCOM" 24.11.2022 01.12.2022,18:00 In process
134 Services for the organization of a New Year's corporate holiday for employees of COSCOM LLC 23.11.2022 30.11.2022,18:00 Completed
132 Purchase of antifreeze 22.11.2022 25.11.2022,12:00 Completed
131 Purchase of SIM cards for the needs of COSCOM LLC 22.11.2022 30.11.2022,18:00 In process
130 Purchase of EFB Batteries for Diesel Generators (framework agreement) for the needs of COSCOM LLC 18.11.2022 05.12.2022,16:00 In process
129 Installation and dismantling of the New Year decoration on the facade of the building and the adjacent territory of the Ucell-Plaza building 18.11.2022 25.11.2022,10:00 Completed
128 Delivery of Posm materials for placement of advertising materials in retail outlets 17.11.2022 28.11.2022,16:00 Completed
127 Purchase of solar panels, including components for existing solar power plants 17.11.2022 02.12.2022,17:00 In process
126 Purchase of tablets 16.11.2022 21.11.2022,17:00 Completed
125 Purchase of a4 paper 15.11.2022 23.11.2022,18:00 Completed
123 Modernization of the existing 0.4kV RC (Schneider Electric) and supply of AVR 14.11.2022 21.11.2022,16:00 Active
122 Purchase of services for conducting qualitative research "Segmentation of subscribers" 11.11.2022 18.11.2022,15:00 Completed
121 Customs broker services 11.11.2022 16.11.2022,14:00 Completed
120 Purchase of general construction materials 10.11.2022 16.11.2022,14:00 Completed
119 Supply of children's New Year's gifts for LLC "COSCOM" (TM Ucell) 10.11.2022 16.11.2022,16:00 Completed
118 Services of Compulsory third party liability insurance of vehicle owners (OSAGO) and Voluntary insurance of vehicles of the Company (CASCO) 10.11.2022 17.11.2022,16:00 In process
1 New Year's decoration of the Ucell-Plaza building and adjacent territory. 10.11.2022 15.11.2022,18:00 Completed
116 Distance learning system 09.11.2022 21.11.2022,18:00 In process
113 Purchase of mobile phones 07.11.2022 10.11.2022,12:00 Completed
97 Invitation to participate in the request for quotations for the supply of rolled metal products 02.11.2022 09.11.2022 In process
96 Request for quotations for the repair of an office located at the address: Khorezm region, Khiva, Yangi Turmush MFY, Feruz street 81A / 5. 01.11.2022 08.11.2022, 16:00 Completed
95 Purchasing SSL certificates 01.11.2022 08.11.2022, 18:00 Active
94 Invitation to participate in the competition of LLC "COSCOM" for the supply of stationary rechargeable batteries manufactured using Li-ion technology, the total capacity of the set is not less than 300Ah. 01.11.2022 10.11.2022, 17:00 In process
93 Invitation to participate in the competition of LLC "COSCOM" for the supply of batteries GEL OPzV 2V with a capacity of at least 3000Ah and 2V with a capacity of at least 1200Ah with a set of racks (only for 1200Ah). 01.11.2022 11.11.2022, 16:00 In process
92 Request for quotations for the purchase of tires for motor vehicles OOO "COSCOM" 31.10.2022 04.11.2022, 17:00 Completed
91 "Engine Oil for Diesel Generators". 31.10.2022 04.11.2022, 11:00 Completed
90 Procurement of Brocade Switch Support Activation Services, including spare parts management, including repair, returns and logistics. 28.10.2022 04.11.2022, 16:00 In process
89 Invitation for quotation_A2 poster calendar 27.10.2022 03.11.2022, 15:00 Completed
88 Request for quotations for the purchase of engines for diesel generator sets 27.10.2022 04.11.2022, 16:00 Completed
87 Procurement of household appliances for new sales offices 25.10.2022 02.11.2022, 16:00 Completed
86 Invitation to the procurement procedure_postal services 20.10.2022 28.10.2022, 18:00 Completed
85 Request for quotations for the repair of an office located at the address: Kashkadarya region, Muborak district, Yoshlik MSG, A. Timur st. 12. 19.10.2022 31.10.2022, 14:00 Completed
84 Request for quotations for the purchase of power systems, equipment cabinets, battery cabinets for a network modernization project 17.10.2022 07.11.2022, 15:00 Completed
83 Smartphones for testing 13.10.2022 17.10.2022, 17:00 Completed
82 Request for quotations for the Procurement of services for the transportation of petroleum products through the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan 29.09.2022 13.10.2022, 17:00 Completed
81 Request for a quotation for the purchase of solar panels, MR48300LV rectifiers, XSD4850HD solar converters, DC03HDNC1A cabinet air conditioners, including components for existing solar power plants (located at base stations) of COSCOM LLC. 27.09.2022 17.10.2022, 17:00 Completed
80 Request for a quotation for the purchase of DWDM for the backbone transport network of Coscom LLC 23.09.2022 20.10.2022,16:00 Completed
79 Request for Quotations for the Purchase of Powerpack 48/5800 208/400/480VAC Rectifiers and TSI BRAVO EPC 48/230/2500 Inverter Modules LOTS 1-2 19.09.2022 27.09.2022, 17:00 Completed
74 Request for prices for FLM electrical work 06.09.2022 16.09.2022, 17:00 Completed

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