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Service name Service description Service number Price, including VAT Content-provider Type of service
"Kingdom of Music"  (Musikalar Saltanati) The "Kingdom of Music" service (Musikalar Saltanati) is a quiz based on the popular world game "Guess the melody". This fun online music test gives users the ability to guess songs on the wheel and win prizes thanks to their music skills.
The user spins the wheel and gets random music on the wheel with points. If the user answers correctly (guesses the music or the singer in 10-15 seconds), he/she scores points. By continuing to play, they increase their chances to win various prizes. The service is available in all browsers on the portal.
At the end of each month, 1 subscriber with the most points is selected as the winner and receives an IPHONE 12 PRO prize. If the subscriber has won a monthly prize, then he/she cannot win again within one period (one year). If two or more subscribers gain the same points, then the winner is the one who guessed the melodies first.

To subscribe to the service:
- send SMS with any word (except STOP, STOP, Stop1, Stopall) to 6303.
- subscribe through Landing Page:

To unsubscribe from a service:
- send SMS with the word STOP or СТОП to 6303.

Terms of connection and tariffication:
At the first connection, all subscribers get access to the game for free for 1 day.
From the second day of connection (in the case of the first connection to the service), the subscriber's account is charged daily subscription fee - 1263 soums including VAT.
If the subscriber does not have enough funds on the balance, partial tariffication is charged from his/her account (842 soums with VAT or 421 soums with VAT).
The subscriber receives points and access to the game in accordance with the amount paid:
1263 UZS - the subscriber gets 150 points and can spin the wheel 21 times and guess 21 fragments; 842 UZS - the subscriber gets 100 points and can spin the wheel 14 times and guess 14 fragments; 421 UZS - the subscriber gets 50 points and can spin the wheel 7 times and guess 7 fragments;
Also, subscribers gain points for each correct answer. The scores for correct answers differ depending on the difficulty level of the questions and are displayed on the portal when you spin the wheel. Subscribers have the opportunity to increase their points and receive additional musical fragments to win prizes by sending additional requests with the keywords Da, Yes, Ha, OK, 100 to number 6303. The cost of each additional request is 1263 UZS with VAT. Also, when requesting an additional package of questions, if the subscriber does not have enough funds on the account to pay the full amount, partial tariffication will also be applied. Depending on the type of tariffication (full / partial), the subscriber receives the corresponding number of points and the corresponding number of opportunities to spin the wheel.
Additional information is available at
1263 soums (including VAT)

842 soums (including VAT)

421 soums (including VAT)
SDS Carrier Solutions WEB
MusicBOX service ( provides unlimited access to musical compositions for every taste.
Here you can find not only songs of your favorite Uzbek performers, but also playlists of "Black Star Mafia", "Try to run", "Maximum energy" and much more.

The service can be activated:
• Through the website of the service:
• By sending an SMS with the text "4" to the number 3456. When connecting via SMS, you get 2 days of free use of the service.

SMS notification of service activation comes from the number 3456.

The full cost of the service, with access for 24 hours, is issued via an invisible SMS from number 4465.
If the subscriber does not have enough funds to purchase access for 24 hours, he/she is given the opportunity to get access for 3/6/12 hours, depending on the subscriber's balance through partial tariffication.
Partial billing is carried out in the form of invisible SMS from numbers 4470/ 1160/1165.

To unsubscribe from the service, you must send the text “stop music” to 3456.
4465 / 4470 / 1160 / 1165 / 3456 1263,00 soums / 24 hours
631,50 soums / 12 hours
315,75 soums / 6 hours
157,87 soums / 3 hours 
Mobile Solutions Tashkent SMS/WEB interactive web-player An interactive web player is a service with which a Ucell subscriber can get access to a huge library of quality domestic and foreign music. For a one-time subscription fee per day, the subscriber will be able to listen to the most popular news and hits without restrictions. The service will be available only to users of smartphones running on iOS and Android platforms.
The subscriber will be subscribed to the service indefinitely, until the moment of receipt of the refusal of the service.
Service URL:

The service is provided in Uzbek and Russian.
To activate the service you must:
  • Visit the site
  • Receive SMS with verification code
  • Receive SMS informing about the successful connection of the service with brief information about the service
To unsubscribe from the service, you must send STOP MUSIC to 2354.
All internet traffic generated on the website is paid by the subscriber in accordance with the cost of Ucell-Internet for the tariff or purchased Internet package.
Additional information and details on the website:
1357 1467 1587 2354 1500 soums/ 24 hours
1000 soums/16 hours
500 soums/8 hours
IVR portal Duv-duv gap is an interactive voice portal where you can meet interesting people using voice chat or listen to popular music online through an interactive player. Use the services of the portal by calling to the short number 777.

This service is charged from short number 1426 (421.00 soums – 12 hours), 1427 (842,00 soums- 24 hours).  To disable this service, the subscriber should send STOP777 to the short number 1426. The subscriber will receive a free message from the alpha name IVR777. To check for any subscriptions, the subscriber can send a free message with the word ""info"" to the short number 1426, as a response he will receive a free message from the short number 1478 about the presence or absence of a subscription to the content.

Service fee is 421 soums- 12 hours, 842 soums-24 hours.
777, 1426, 1478, 
421,00-12 hours,

842- 24 hours
Music news Do you want to be informed about the breaking world music news? Subscribe to the service, by sending a keyword according to the table to the short number 2580 2580, 2581 0 sum. Cost of 1 (one) incoming SMS-message within subscription period – 370 sum SYNERIKA SMS


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