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Monthly internet packages for Sof

Want to get more traffic at a bargain price ?!

By choosing one of the packages, you will be able to receive Internet traffic with automatic renewal every 30 days.


To check the rest of the traffic: *107#. The remaining MB displayed in the *107# request is relevant at the time of closing all Internet sessions.

The automatic assignment function can be deactivated by requesting *555*3*10*1#


Buy Ucell services online!
To purchase, select a package and click the "Buy" button. Next, enter your phone number and one-time password, which can be obtained by dialing the USSD request *233# from your phone. At the same time, the service activation fee is charged from the subscriber's account and the terms of the service will operate as described. The one-time password is valid for 10 minutes.
This service is available only for subscribers of prepaid service system (Prepaid).

Packages Included traffic, MB Price, UZS Package activation
USSD command
Buy Effective period of MB
Package 1 1024 9 000 *555*3*1*1# 30 days
Package 2 2048 15 000 *555*3*3*1#
Package 5 5120 25 000 *555*3*4*1#
Package 8 8192 35 000 *555*3*5*1#
Package 10 10240 45 000 *555*3*6*1#
Package 20 20480 65 000 *555*3*8*1#
Package 30 30720 75 000 *555*3*9*1#
Package 50 51200 85 000 *555*3*11*1#
Package 70 71680 100 000 *555*3*12*1#
Package 100 102400 125 000 *555*3*13*1#


Conditions of "Monthly internet packages" for TL SOF, Start 10, Ovoz 15 and Internet 60;

Activation: *555#
To check the rest of the traffic: *107#. The remaining MB displayed in the *107# request is relevant at the time of closing all Internet sessions.
The automatic appointment function can be deactivated by requesting *555*11#
  • Activation is available only for SOF, Start 10, Ovoz 15 and Internet 60 tariff line subscribers;
  • The subscription fee is charged every 30 days;
  • Monthly internet packages are assigned automatically. The automatic assignment function can be deactivated by requesting *555*11# and calling.
  • In case of successful charging of the subscription fee, the traffic for the Internet package will automatically be assigned in full with a validity period of 30 days from the date of its assignment. If there are not enough funds on your personal account to automatically assign an Internet package, the Internet package will not be deleted and will be automatically assigned as soon as there are enough funds on your account to pay for it. At the same time, the period of validity of the Internet package, upon successful debiting of the subscription fee, will be set from the moment of the last assignment.
  • With the active function of automatic assignment of Internet packages, after 30 days from the date of activation of the package, with a sufficient amount of funds on the account, the system will assign a new package of the face value purchased earlier. At the same time, the traffic remaining from the previously purchased package is not summed up. The traffic of the new Internet package will be assigned from 00:00 to 31 days from the moment of activation / automatic assignment after debiting the funds for the new package. Before you start using the Internet, you need to check the purpose of the new package (USSD *107#) in order to avoid additional costs.
  • After sending a request to activate the service, you must wait for an incoming SMS message confirming the successful assignment of the service. If you have not received SMS messages, we recommend using the USSD request *107# to check the destination of the traffic;
  • If at the time of automatic assignment of the Internet package there are not enough funds on the account of the subscriber number, the package will not be assigned;
  • If the automatic assignment function is disabled, after 30 days from the date of activation of the Internet package, the rest of the traffic is reset to zero;
  • When reconnecting/reconnecting one of the Monthly internet packages, when the current internet package has not expired, the traffic included in the new package is not summed up with the rest of the unused traffic.
  • The limits provided within the framework of Monthly Internet are valid according to the established period - 30 days, for each assigned Internet package.
  • When checking the rest of the Internet traffic limit, using *107#, *100#, *900# requests, as well as in the personal account, Telegram_bot and IVR, the rest of the total Internet traffic for "Monthly Internet packages", "Special Internet packages" and “Monthly Internet packages for Sof” is displayed. Furthermore, the validity period is displayed according to the last Internet package purchased.
  • You can check remaining internet data limits within each activated internet package via USSD *555# by selecting “Manage”- “To check the packs limits on “Sof”, “Ovoz 15”, “Start 10”, “Internet 60” tariffs”.
  • The validity period of the package will be set equal to the validity period of the last activated Internet package;
  • If there is a limit on the TP and the Internet package, the limit on the TP will be spent first, and then on the Internet package.
  • When the limit included in the Internet package is exhausted, the billing will take place according to the cost of Ucell-Internet under the terms of the tariff plan
  • If the subscriber had an active Internet package before 04/19/2022, then the conditions for it remain until the Internet package is turned off at his own request.
  • For the correct operation of the service, if the session is active at the time of activation of the service, it is necessary to interrupt the session, activate the service and then resume the session.
  • The quota of charged information in the presence of MB within the package on the Internet balance for subscribers of the prepaid service system (Prepaid) is 1 KB.
  • In case of activation of the Monthly Internet package for TL Sof, the previous Internet package is deactivated. The rest of the traffic of the deactivated package will be available until the end of the deactivated package. ;

It is important to know!
Activation of the service is carried out only at the moment you receive an SMS message about the appointment of the service. If you have not received an SMS, we recommend using the USSD request *555*3*11# to check the active service. If the service is not activated, Internet billing will be carried out according to your tariff plan. In these cases, the Company does not recalculate for the services rendered. Activation of the Internet package within the framework of the loyalty program "We appreciate you", on TL SOF Start 10, Ovoz 15 and Internet 60, will take place under the terms of the "Monthly Internet Package" It is possible to extend the validity of the package activated before switching to the "Sof" TL by purchasing a new Internet package under the program "We appreciate you" *136#.


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