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Redirection of call

"Redirection of call"

Following service will help you to transfer all incoming calls to your defined number, for example, in that case if battery is uncharged in your telephone. Service of redirection of call in Ucell can be set to any telephone number - local, other mobile phone, and intercity.

Price of one minute of diverted call equals one minute of outgoing call to diverted number.

Service terms

Call forwarding service is not available for International direction.

When Call Forward is between two numbers within Corporate Group the price of one minute of forwarded call is equal to one outgoing minute on-net according to the tariff plan of subscriber, who forwards the call. Also forwarded calls spend the limit of minutes, assigned by the tariff plan of subscriber.

The number to which your calls will be transferred need to be shown in international format. For example: for local Tashkent number it will look like: +99871ХХХХХХХ, where XXXXXXX – seven-digit local phone number.

There are several types of redirection in Ucell:

  • absolute redirection of all calls (All Calls) – all calls from your telephone are transferred to your indicated number;
  • redirection, if number is busy (If Busy) – all calls from your telephone are transferred to your indicated number in that case when your telephone is busy;
  • redirection, if your number is not reachable or is out of coverage area (If Not Reachable) – all calls from your telephone are transferred to your indicated number, only when cell phone is out of coverage area or when telephone is turned off;
  • redirection, if there is not reply (If No Reply) – all calls from your telephone are transferred to your indicated number, if you will not reply to a call (at pressing end call button) or pick up telephone during definite time – from 5 till 30 seconds.
How to set⁄cancel redirection

How to set⁄cancel redirection of calls?

  1. By menu of telephone "Call Divert" (Call Divert)

    For example, setting absolute redirection of all calls:
    "Menu" > "Call Divert" > "All Calls" > "Set or Activate" > phone number > "ОК" (Set/Activate)

    Following actions are used for all types of Redirection, only third action is changed – instead of "All Calls" you choose in menu item "If Busy", or "If Not Reachable", or "If No Reply" subject to what you want to activate in your telephone.

  2. By special commands:
Type of redirection Setting Cancel
Absolute redirection(All Calls) telephone number
If Busy telephone number
If Not Reachable telephone number
If No Reply telephone number**N 
N = (from 5 till 30 seconds)

*Number should in following format: +998YYxxxxxxx

In order to remove redirection choose:

  • – cancel of redirection of all calls;
  • – cancel of all conditional redirections.
Regulation of calls

Regulation of calls and redirection within Uzbekistan for Ucell subscribers.

Subscribers of Ucell fulfill DIRECT dialing to numbers of general usage network (local and regional numbers), and also to local numbers of mobile companies (including numbers of Ucell) of corresponding region on the assumption of being in this region.

Subscribers of Ucell fulfill calls beyond that region, where their presence is, through intercity&fasl;network codes.

For using "Redirection" service the following format is used: "+998 ХХ ХХХХХХХ"

Directions Dialing methods
Tashkent 03 71 ХХХХХХХ, +998 71 ХХХХХХХ, 00 998 71 ХХХХХХХ, ХХХХХХХ
Tashkent region 03 70 ХХХХХХХ, +998 70 ХХХХХХХ, 00 998 70 ХХХХХХХ, ХХХХХХХ
Namangan region 03 69 ХХХХХХХ, +998 69 ХХХХХХХ, 00 998 69 ХХХХХХХ, ХХХХХХХ
Samarkand region 03 66 ХХХХХХХ, +998 66 ХХХХХХХ, 00 998 66 ХХХХХХХ, ХХХХХХХ
Sirdarya region 03 67 ХХХХХХХ, +998 67 ХХХХХХХ, 00 998 67 ХХХХХХХ, ХХХХХХХ
Jizzakh region 03 72 ХХХХХХХ, +998 72 ХХХХХХХ, 00 998 72 ХХХХХХХ, ХХХХХХХ
Ferghana region 03 73 ХХХХХХХ, +998 73 ХХХХХХХ, 00 998 73 ХХХХХХХ, ХХХХХХХ
Andijan region 03 74 ХХХХХХХ, +998 74 ХХХХХХХ, 00 998 74 ХХХХХХХ, ХХХХХХХ
Kashkadarya region 03 75 ХХХХХХХ, +998 75 ХХХХХХХ, 00 998 75 ХХХХХХХ, ХХХХХХХ
Surkhandarya region 03 76 ХХХХХХХ, +998 76 ХХХХХХХ, 00 998 76 ХХХХХХХ, ХХХХХХХ
Bukhara region 03 65 ХХХХХХХ, +998 65 ХХХХХХХ, 00 998 65 ХХХХХХХ, ХХХХХХХ
Navoi region 03 79 ХХХХХХХ, +998 79 ХХХХХХХ, 00 998 79 ХХХХХХХ, ХХХХХХХ
Khorezm region 03 62 ХХХХХХХ, +998 62 ХХХХХХХ, 00 998 62 ХХХХХХХ, ХХХХХХХ
Karakalpakstan 03 61 ХХХХХХХ, +998 61 ХХХХХХХ, 00 998 61 ХХХХХХХ, ХХХХХХХ
Ucell 05 93 ХХХХХХХ, +998 93 ХХХХХХХ, 00 998 93 ХХХХХХХ, ХХХХХХХ
05 94 ХХХХХХХ, +998 94 ХХХХХХХ, 00 998 94 ХХХХХХХ, ХХХХХХХ
Beeline 05 90 ХХХХХХХ, +998 90 ХХХХХХХ, 00 998 90 ХХХХХХХ, ХХХХХХХ
05 91 ХХХХХХХ, +998 91 ХХХХХХХ, 00 998 91 ХХХХХХХ, ХХХХХХХ
UMS 05 97 ХХХХХХХ, +998 97 ХХХХХХХ, 00 998 97 ХХХХХХХ, ХХХХХХХ
05 99 ХХХХХХХ, +998 99 ХХХХХХХ, 00 998 99 ХХХХХХХ, ХХХХХХХ

Our company has right to cancel "Redirection" service in that case if you have talked using this service from 3000 minutes and more in a month.

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