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STK Menu

Ucell together with "Sunet Technology" content provider presents SMS services for subscribers with STK Menu*.

Service name Presented information Keyword Short number Price of one outgoing message
Language selection Language change for "Uzbekistan News", "World News", "Sports News", "Afisha", "My City", "Anecdotes", "Love horoscope", "Everyday horoscope". LANG 1 – english, LANG 2 – russian, LANG 3 – uzbek 12312 0 sum
Images Link for image download PIC ORD + image code 12310 4210 sum
Music Link for music download MUS ORD + music code 12310 4210 sum
Present Latest world news MUS FRI + melody code + other subscriber’s number, PIC FRI + image code + other subscriber’s number 12310 4210 sum
World News Timetable of flights in Uzbekistan NEWS WOR 12301 1684 sum
Flights Timetable of flights in Uzbekistan INFO AIRF 12303 1684 sum
Weather Weather forecast for next day in cities of Uzbekistan or 6 big cities in the World (Almaty, Moscow, Ankara, New York, Paris, Rome) WEATHER TAS, WEATHER AND, WEATHER BUK, WEATHER DJI, WEATHER FER, WEATHER GUL, WEATHER KAR, WEATHER NAM, WEATHER NAV, WEATHER NUK, WEATHER SAM, WEATHER TER, WEATHER URG, WEATHER INT 12302 1684 sum
SMS-Dictionary English-Russian and Russian-English dictionary DIC ENR + word – from eng to rus, DIC RUE+word – from rus to eng 12311 421 sum
Afisha Cinema, theatres and concerts’ schedule INFO THEA, INFO CINE, INFO CONC 12305 1684 sum
SMS-flirt Anonymous message through SMS FLIR ICH + nickname, sex, age – own details registration, FLIR IVI – information view, FLIR SEA + sex, age – search, FLIR TAL+nickname+message – conversation, FLIR VIE – conversation contacts list 12308 421 sum
Music list Links for downloading various music MUS LIS – random list, MUS TOP – TOP 10, MUS POP – pop, MUS MOV – soundtracks, MUS CLA – classic 12308 421 sum
Image list Links for downloading various images PIC LIS – random list, PIC LOVE – love, PIC MOV – from movies, PIC CAR – from cartoons, PIC NAT – nature, PIC FUN – fun 12308 421 sum
Flight info board Information about flights at current moment INFO AIRB 12304 1684 sum
Everyday horoscope Horoscope for particular sign HORO ARI – Aries, HORO TAU – Taurus, HORO GEM – Gemini, HORO CAN – Cancer, HORO LEO – Leo, HORO VIR – Virgo, HORO LIB – Libra, HORO SCO – Scorpio, HORO SAG – Sagittarius, HORO CAP – Capricorn, HORO AQU – Aquarius, HORO PIS – Pisces 12306 1684 sum
Love horoscope Love horoscope for particular sign LOVE ARI, LOVE TAU, LOVE GEM, LOVE CAN, LOVE LEO, LOVE VIR, LOVE LIB, LOVE SCO, LOVE SAG, LOVE CAP, LOVE AQU, LOVE PIS 12307 1684 sum
Anecdotes Anecdotes about love, Armenian radio and Vovochka JOKE DAY, JOKE LOV, JOKE VOV, JOKE ARM 12309 1684 sum
Uzbekistan News Latest News of Uzbekistan NEWS UZB 12300 1684 sum
Sports news Latest Sports News NEWS SPO 12313 1684 sum
Travel Contact details of touristic organizations INFO TRAN 98764 1684 sum
My city Information about Tashkent city INFO CITY 98765 1684 sum
Oracle Similarity of magic prediction ball. Think the question and receive an answer FORETELL 12307 1684 sum
Compatibility Information about compatibility in marriage based on zodiac COMP_number of your symbol_number of partner symbol 12307 1684 sum
Guinness Records Information about World Records registered in «Guinness Record Book» GUIN DAY 12309 1684 sum
Interesting facts Interesting facts from various spheres of human life activity TIPS DAY 12309 1684 sum
Useful advices Useful advices from life FACTS DAY 12309 1684 sum
Quotations Various quotations of well-known people QUOTE 12303 1684 sum

To use the services you need to send keyword of the service to particular service number.

The services are available only for subscribers with STK-Menu in SIM card.

Services work as one time action, so on each SMS-Request subscriber receives the result

By support of STK menu you may subscribe to information and entertainment services. Subscription is provided according to the terms of SMS- and IVR-service providing.

*STK Menu – Technology which enables to integrate various applications and operator services directly into SIM Card.

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