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Broadcast of interactive text messages

Broadcast of interactive text messages

As part of the interactive text messages broadcast service Ucell subscribers can be informed about conditions of the different services of the Company, by receiving interactive text messaging on their mobile phones.

How service works?
The service will work for subscribers in the following scenario:
  1. The subscriber is sent an interactive text message.
  2. Within 60 seconds, the sleep screen of subscriber’s mobile phone displays an interactive text message with a description of the service proposed for activation.
  3. If Subscriber is interested in the service, he can press OK button on his mobile phone and activate the services offered. If the subscriber is not interested in the service, in order to close the interactive text message, he may press the "Cancel" button on his mobile phone.
  4. After confirming the intention of the Subscriber to connect the proposed service by pressing "OK" a command for corresponding service activation is sent by initiating a call, sending USSD-request or SMS-message with the specified text to the service number on the Subscriber's part.
  5. Command initiated on the Subscriber’s part within the service is handled by the service platforms of Ucell or a content-provider, resulting obtaining of a notification from the service platform on the status of their request for service activation.
Additional information
For the service to function a corresponding application will be uploaded to the subscriber’s SIM-card. The application does not affect the SIM-card and mobile phone of the Subscriber.
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