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Quiz “Ucell” Quiz “Ucell” is an interactive service where subscribers can test their knowledge in various areas and compete for a prize by providing the correct and fastest answers to questions. The quiz is not a lottery or gambling. The purpose of participating in the quiz is to test the subscriber's own erudition by answering questions in various fields of knowledge.
Participants of the Quiz have the opportunity to use Hints during each day, each of which has certain properties:
“50/50” - When using a hint, 2 incorrect options will be hidden. Cost: 407 UZS including VAT/ per day. Free period is not provided.
“Right to make a mistake” - one wrong answer is not counted, and the participant can answer the same question again. If the participant has chosen the correct answer, then the hint is considered spent. Cost: 407 UZS including VAT/ per day. Free period is not provided.
“Participants' help” - the system will show the popularity of answers among Quiz participants as a percentage. Cost: 407 UZS including VAT/ per day. Free period is not provided.
“Slowdown” - The time spent answering the question will be divided by half. Cost: 407 UZS including VAT/ per day. Free period is not provided.
“Replay” - The system will allow you to replay the round. The best result will be taken into account in the final accounting of the rating of players. Cost: 407 UZS including VAT/ per day. Free period is not provided.
Prize fund:
Based on the results of each calendar day of the Quiz (from 00:00:00 to 23:59:59 - Tashkent time) daily after the end of the game day during the day, the Participants who took the first 3 (three) places are determined by the number of correct answers and the time of answers to questions.
1st Place - 250,000 UZS;
2nd Place - 200,000 UZS;
3rd Place - 150 000 UZS.
Additional prize draw. “Marathons”
Participants who answered all the questions of the gaming day and got into the final rating at least 5 times during a certain period of special draws, get the opportunity to take part in an additional draw called “Marathon”.
The winners will be the first 3 participants with the largest number of correct answers in the shortest time based on their best result of the game day during the draw.
Date: On monthly basis.
Prizes of the Additional drawing “Marathons”:
1st place: 4 000 000 UZS.
2nd place: 3 000 000 UZS.
3rd place: 2 000 000 UZS.
Additional prize draw. Mini-games “Duel” is a raffle for additional Quiz prizes held within individual tournaments, in which Quiz Participants who have played at least 14 times a month before the raffle can take part.
Date: 1 time per year.
Grand Prize:
500 000 0000 UZS.

The cost of a subscription to the Quiz is 1684 UZS/day.

Subscription price for each hint is 407 UZS/day.

Period of the Quiz: from June 15, 2022 to June 15, 2023.

Authorization on the website - click on the corresponding button.
SMS with any text to number 3434.

SMS with text STOP to number 3434.

Tariffication is made by invisible incoming SMS from numbers 34349, 35790.

Additional information is available on the website:
1684 UZS/day
407 UZS/day
1 684 UZS/day
“Get rich!” As part of the campaign "Get rich!" subscribers receive points for replenishing the balance and/or for the correct answers in the campaign. The subscribers with the most points receive prizes. The campaign is not a lottery or a game of chance.

The order of participation in the campaign:

To participate in the campaign, the subscriber must perform one or more of the following actions:

- Connect to the “Get rich!” campaign by sending an SMS message to number 5050, or on the site, or through the Telegram bot @Ucell_campaign_bot.

Subscription to “Get rich!” campaign charges 842, 1263 and 1684 UZS per day, including VAT, depending on the category chosen by the subscriber. SMS messages sent by a participant from a mobile phone to 5050 are not charged.

To unsubscribe from “Get rich!” you must send an SMS message with text STOP to 5050, or disconnect the subscription via the Telegram bot @Ucell_campaign_bot

In response to the first SMS message, the participant receives information about the connected campaign, cost, brief conditions for its holding and a link to the rules. Additionally, the participant receives the first question on the “Get rich!” Campaign and answer options.

Answers to the campaign questions are sent by the participant to number 5050, or to, or through the Telegram bot @Ucell_campaign_bot.

In response to each SMS message with the answer to the campaign question, the participant receives an SMS message with the result of the answer to the previous question and the next question of the “Get rich!” Campaign.

Campaign questions are sent to the participant every day provided that “Get rich!” campaign is connected in the period from 10:00:00 to 23:29:59.

When participating in a campaign through website or via Telegram bot @Ucell_campaign_bot, questions are no longer sent as SMS messages and are provided only through the website or via the Telegram messenger.

At 23:30:00 the results of the current day are summed up. The participant who scored the most points, according to the rules for scoring points for the corresponding type of prize, is declared the winner of the current day of the campaign, about which the SMS message is sent to the participant.

Getting points:

- For each correct answer within “Get rich!” campaign the participant receives 200 points. For each incorrect answer - 0 points. The maximum number of questions does not exceed 9 questions per day;

- Daily after paying for the “Get rich!” campaign subscription each participant receives 200 points;

- For every 1000 UZS of replenishing the balance of a mobile phone, a participant is credited with 20 points. In this case, no more than two replenishment and at the same time no more than 100,000 UZS per day are taken into account;

The campaign participant can at any time find out the number of points scored and his place in the rating of the current day by sending an SMS message to number 5050 with the text: ТОП (or TOP) or on website

Subscription categories:

Category 1 - all subscribers who replenish their balance, as well as subscribers who have connected the “Get rich!” Campaign. Cost - 842 UZS per day. In category 1, campaign participants get 3 questions per day.

Category 2 - subscribers who connected the “Get rich!” Campaign worth 1263 UZS per day. Within category 2, participating subscribers receive 6 questions per day.
Category 3 - subscribers who connected the “Get rich!” Campaign worth 1684 UZS per day. Within category 3, participating subscribers receive 9 questions per day.

Winners and Prizes
Category 1:
- Daily prize - 200,000 UZS
- Monthly prize - 2,000,000 UZS

Category 2:
- Daily prize - 300,000 UZS
- Monthly prize - 5,000,000 UZS

Category 3:
- Daily prize - 500,000 UZS
- Monthly prize - 10,000,000 UZS
- The main prize - Chevrolet Tracker 2 Turbo

The winner of the daily campaign prize is determined daily at 23:29:59, except for the last days of the calendar months.

The winner is the participant who scored the most points of the current day, according to the formula:

The participant who scored the most points according to the formula:
Member Rating = A + B + 1/T

A - Points for account replenishment
B - Campaign Points
T - Total response time of the subscriber to questions (milliseconds).

The winners of the monthly campaign prizes are determined based on the results of May 31, 2020, June 30, 2020, July 31, 2020, August 31, 2020, September 30, 2020, October 31, 2020, November 30, 2020, January 31 2021, February 28, 2021, March 31, 2021, April 30, 2021, May 31, 2021, June 30, 2021, July 31, 2021, August 31, 2021, September 30, 2021, October 31, 2021, November 30, 2021, January 31 2022, February 28, 2022, March 31, 2022.

The winner and the owner of the prize will be the participant with the highest rating for the sum of the best 6 daily results during the calendar month within the selected category.

The Winner of the Main Prize of the Campaign is determined based on the results of the last day of the Campaign during the period of its undertaking (April 30, 2022). The winner is the Participant who scored the most points in the sum of his 20 best daily results during the campaign.

Service activation/deactivation procedure


USSD request *676#;
SMS with the text 1, 2, 3 or any other to the number 5050;
After authorization on the website - click on the corresponding link;
After confirming the phone number in the Telegram bot by clicking on the appropriate button.


USSD request *676*0#
SMS with the text STOP to 5050

Service cost

Get rich campaign, Category 1 - 842 UZS with VAT;
Get rich campaign, Category 2 - 1263 UZS with VAT;
Get rich campaign, Category 3 - 1684 UZS with VAT.

Duration of the campaign: from 01.05.2020 to 30.04.2022
Campaign organizer: ArBoost LLC 
«Get rich!» campaign,
Category 1,
Tariffication is carried out from 35790 short number via invisible SMS- 842 UZS with VAT;

«Get rich!» campaign,
Category 2, Tariffication is carried out from 24680 short number via invisible SMS  - 1263 UZS with VAT;

«Get rich!»
Category 3,
Tariffication is carried out from 13579 short number via invisible SMS - 1684 UZS with VAT.


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