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Relax Relax is a mobile anti-stress application that helps users to relax, relieve stress, anxiety, improve sleep and increase productivity. Using the app for only 20 minutes a day will keep you full of energy and mental health during the whole day. Relax application is developed for  platform - Android. Unlike most paid meditation apps, it provides access on a daily subscription basis with a low cost of 499 UZS. The Relax application is available for download and installation (in accordance with the platform terms) on the PlayMarket platform. After activating the subscription, the application opens access to special playlists of relaxation music and visual simulators to relieve stress and anxiety, relieve chronic fatigue and improve sleep.

Service activation/deactivation procedure. To activate the service, the subscriber must go to the landing page at the IP-address and activate the subscription after reading and agreeing to the Terms of Service. After activating the subscription, the subscriber can download, install and use the Relax application; or the subscriber can download the application on the PlayMarket platform, and then activate the subscription to the service through the application interface, having read and confirmed his agreement with the Terms of Service. Deactivation of a subscription is possible through the application interface or by sending 1 (to deactivate all ICS PE services) or R1 (deactivating Access to Relax application) to service number 3448.

More details on the website;

To write off the subscription fee, the MT number will be used. The cost of the service is 499 UZS per day, including VAT.
0 UZS (VAT) 499 UZS (VAT)
Online dance coach
Online dance coach Description of the service:
The founder of the dance school and part-time trainer teaches everyone in his school, and also creates educational video lessons. The site contains 120 educational video tutorials. They are divided into 11 categories. For the convenience of subscribers, the service structure is implemented in step by step format. Subscribers get access to watching videos in various categories.
Service activation:
The subscriber connects to the service using the web interface (, which indicates the cost of the service, the conditions for using the service and the possibility of unsubscribing. After activating the subscription, a password code is sent to the subscriber. After entering and matching the code, an SMS informer is sent to the subscriber about a successful subscription.
Service deactivation:
The service can be deactivated using the web interface ( or by sending SMS commands - STOP1 to 3448 (generally unsubscribe, without notification) and 1 to 3448 (unsubscribing with SMS notification).
 Terms of connection and tariffication:
The cost of the daily subscription fee is 1999 UZS including VAT.
1999 UZS/day
(VAT included)


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