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MusicBox MusicBOX is music service for every day.
• It is a selection of musical compositions for every taste, popular playlists such as “Black star mafia”, “Going for a run”, “Maximum energy” and many others.
• Convenient site navigation, hundreds of songs in high quality of 320 kbps.
• The catalog contains songs of favorite Uzbek artists.

The service is provided according to the tariff model - subscription.
The service involves two entry points: WEB and SMS.
• If a user connects via SMS, he/she is given 2 free of charge days.
• When activated via WEB, there is no free period.
-SMS-notifications - 3456 - 0 soums,
-Billing is 4465–1263 soums,
- Partial charging for lack of funds is 4470-631.5 soums.

Subscription is activated by clicking the «Subscribe» button. After clicking on the Landing Page by the link:, the content provider sends an SMS with a one-time password to the subscriber's number. A subscriber enters the password in the appropriate field, clicks on to subscribe and subscribes to the service either by sending «4» via SMS to the short number 3456.

Disabling the service:
You can disable the service by sending «Stop music» command via SMS to 3456.
“Stop1” command to the number 3456 is used when terminating the number and is used ti unsubscribe from all the services of the provider. Notification of successful unsubscription is not required.
“101” command to number 3456 is used when the subscriber independently unsubscribes via *350# from all the provider’s services.
Notification of successful unsubscription is required. For subscribers who are not subscribed to any services - notification of services absence is not required.
“Stop” command to number 3456 is used when the subscriber directly unsubscribes from the provider’s services. You need a notification about the unsubscription success, or about the absence of services for the subscriber.
“Info1” to number 3456 is used to receive the list of all services to which a subscriber is connected. In the absence of subscriptions no response is required.
3456/4465/4470 1263 soum/ a day subscription 
Entertainment video with FunVideo service FunVideo service - provides unlimited access to the catalog of entertainment video The catalog presents HD content from the famous Canadian studio Just For Laughs -
TV show "Hidden Camera".

Service activation is possible at
  • service web page:
    Occurs by entering a one-time code sent to the subscriber;
  • or by SMS, sending the number 3 to 3456.
SMS notification about service activation comes from number 3456

Full tariffing of the service is carried out via invisible SMS from the short number 3365.
Partial tariffing is carried out via invisible SMS from the short number 2260.

To unsubscribe from the service, you must send the text “stop video” to 3456.
3456, 3365, 2260 1263 UZS/day
631.5 UZS/half day
Communication On the portal, the subscriber can fill out his profile, upload photos, watch profiles and communicate with other users. Communication works on the principle of “mutual likes”, the subscriber flips through the profiles of candidates and clicks the mark “I like” if the applicant aroused interest in the subscriber.
In case, the subscriber whom he has chosen is also interested in communication, access to mutual correspondence is opened.
The service provides a rating system, automatic moderation of text by censorship (automatic filtering algorithms are already built into the program code of the content provider Mobile Solution Tashkent). All uploaded photos undergo mandatory moderation (the content provider Mobile Solution Tashkent processes all photos from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 18:00 every hour).
Subscription is activated by pressing the service order button on the Landing Page, or by sending an SMS message with 4 number to the short number 3456.
To deactivate the service, it is necessary to send an SMS to the short number 3456 with code word “stop muloqot”.
The subscription price is 631.5 UZS/day with VAT.
More detailed information on the website
3456, 2260 631.5 UZS/day

Dear subscribers! We kindly request you to review the commands which are necessary to send with the SMS-message for receiving desired content. If the subscriber dials and sends wrong commands for receiving desired content upon use of SMS-service, money means of wrong SMS-messages are not paid back.

Text of SMS-message shall not be more than 160 symbols in Latin and 67 in Cyrillic.

Support service of content-provider: +998 71 209 86 88 (Working hours: Monday - Friday from 9:00 to 18:00)


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