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With "DJ" service you can choose and set melodies or jokes instead of long beeps, send melodies or jokes as a gift to friends, copy your favorite tune!

Category Price Duration
1 4 210 sum 30 days
2 2 526 sum 15 days
3 1 263 sum 7 days
4 421 sum 30 days
Buy melody

Buy melody

At installing melody "DJ" service is automatically set, and the selected melody is set as "Default melody".

IVR – Call on short number 8080 and follow instructions of auto-informer.

SMS – Send SMS with text "1 {melody’s_ID}" to 8080. Sending SMS is free.

When purchasing additional ring back tones, you can set each of the purchased ring back tones to any calls by your own choice, to do it visit "My DJ" personal cabinet on service Web-site. In doing so, each new acquired melody is automatically installed on all incoming calls, and previously bought melody, if no other rules assigned to it, be removed from the play-list and will remain only in the Gallery. You should assign playing rules (for group of callers or individually for any subscriber) for the melody which is kept in the Gallery in a personal cabinet. If there is no melody left in Gallery, you will be installed free "Default melody" for 5 days, after "DJ" service will be disconnected.

Send melody as a gift

You can please your friends and relatives original gift – a melody or a joke instead of beep.

IVR – Call on short number 8080 and follow instructions of auto-informer.

SMS – Send SMS with the text "GIFT {melody’s_ID} 9989Xxxxxxxx" to 8080. Sending SMS – free.

Copy melody

If you liked the melody that you hear during a call to another subscriber Ucell, you can copy it by typing on the keyboard of your phone while playing tunes, "0*". Melody cost will be charged from your account.

Buy melody of a friend

If you do not have time to copy the melody during it playing or want to know it name, artist or cost, you can find this tune on the site To do this, enter the number of subscribers, whose tune you liked, and time of playing tunes in a special field on the site. The system will identify this tune and give you full information.

The subscription fee for the use of services – 0 sum. The price of call to 8080 for Prepaid subscribers – 0 sum/min. For Postpaid subscribers – 0 sum.

DJ Packages

You can please themselves or their friends and family with Package of your favorite music or jokes instead of beep!

IVR – Call on short number 8080 and follow instructions of auto-informer.

SMS – Send SMS with text "PACKAGE {package ID}" to 8080 to buy package or "PACKAGE-GIFT {package ID}{subscriber’s number in international format}" to send package as a gift. Sending SMS is free.

Price of packages:

Quantity of melodies
Price of package
Package’s duration
4 210 sum
15 days

Upon purchasing package, send package as a gift subscriber is charged according to belonging to one of the price categories.

When subscriber select autorenewal of package (at the time of purchase of package), the price for expiration of the package will be shot for each song, which is in the package, according to the category of content to which the melody. In manual renewal every melody composed in the package separately, the cost will be debited for each song, which is in the package, in accordance with the category of content to which the melody.
Auto renewal

While purchasing melody via IVR or Web, you can set the function of auto renewal. Three days before the expiration of the tunes you will receive an SMS-notification – Your melody [Name of melody] will be active till [Date]. Price of melody X. To cancel auto renewal send SMS with text "CANCEL" to 8080. Cost of melody will be discharged from your account subject to its price category and duration will be prolonged in accordance of expiration period.

To cancel auto renewal feature your must reply to a received SMS-notification text "CANCEL".

Attention! In case if you have a melody with auto-renewal feature, but it is kept in your Gallery without any playing rules assigned, you will be charged for this melody every expiration date.


To manage the service through SMS, subscriber should send SMS with special command to number 8080. The following commands are available:

Action Command Note
Set a new melody SMS with text
"1 {melody’s_ID}"
tune is set as a "default melody" to all incoming calls
To send melody as a gift SMS with text "GIFT {melody’s_ID} Subscriber’s number in International format" The selected melody will be sent to the gallery of subscriber-recipient. Melody cost will be charged from the account the subscriber send a gift
Randomly play all the songs SMS with text "2" Randomly plays all songs in subscribers gallery to all incoming calls, except those calls with predefined tunes
Activate DJ SMS with text "3" Turns off "Mute" mode
Mute DJ SMS with text "4" Switches on "Mute" mode, i.e. tunes in subscriber’s gallery won’t play on incoming calls, but service remain in active state
Set as default Melody SMS with text
"5 {melody’s_ID}"
Set chosen melody as a "default melody" for all incoming calls, except those calls with predefined tunes
Delete melody SMS with text
"6 {melody’s_ID}"
Deletes the chosen tune
Deactivate service SMS with text "7" Deactivation of "DJ" service
Extend validity period of the melody SMS with text
"8 {melody’s_ID}"
Extends validity period of the chosen melody according to the category of melody


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