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7889 service ("Level Up Solutions" LLC).

The name of the service is “Oltin kalit”. SMS service that allows a subscriber to become a participant in promotions and receive valuable prizes. Prizes are awarded by the partner who holds the draw. All the details on the product label with a promotional code.

The subscriber sends a ten-digit code found under the cover of the promotional product (water and other drinks) to number 7889, thereby confirming participation in the promotion. Price of SMS is 100 soums. It is a one-time service.

3223 service ("Level Up Solutions" LLC).

The name of the service is “Maccoffee”. SMS service that allows a subscriber to become a participant in promotions and receive valuable prizes. The partner who holds the draw awards prizes. All the details on the product label with a promotional code.

The subscriber sends a ten-digit code found on the inside of the package of the promotional product to number 3223, thereby confirming participation in the promotion. The cost of SMS is 125 soums.

Service name Service description Service number Price with VAT
Campaign Coca-Cola Validity of the campaign: from August 6, 2021 to October 1, 2021.
Terms for participation in the campaign:
1. The Participant of the campaign must purchase the product in the promotional package.
2. Find a unique 10-character code on the inside of the cover.
3. Register: the secret code, your surname and name by sending an SMS to the short number 5580. For example: 12SDFW7Z35 Shokirov Ilhom
4. Upon successful registration, the subscriber will receive the following SMS:
a. “You have successfully registered. Congratulations! Your code is winning. Internet traffic replenishment 5 GB." or “You have successfully registered. Congratulations! Your code is winning. Your winnings are headphones ",
b. “You have successfully registered. Your code is not winning. Try your luck again."
5. If the participant sends an incorrect SMS-message, he will be sent a response SMS about the error and an SMS-message with an example of the correct spelling.
6. The subscriber who wins 5 GB Internet-traffic receives a USSD code in the form of SMS from the short number 5580.
7. Internet-traffic is activated by dialing a special USSD code *570* 14-digit secret code#.
8. The term of the package of mobile services is 30 days from the date of activation.
9. Also, subscribers will be able to register codes through the promo site

Prize fund of the campaign for Ucell subscribers:
1. Internet-packages (5 GB) - 18150 pieces.
2. Portable speakers and headphones.

Organizer of the campaign: "Coca-Cola Ichimligi Uzbekistan, Ltd"
Source of information about the Organizer, the rules of the campaign, the number of prizes,
terms, place and order of their receipt - on the website:
Hotline Phone: 78 888 5580

The order of activation/deactivation of the service:
Sending an SMS to the short number 5580 means the subscriber's full agreement with the terms of the promotion, as well as consent to receive informational and educational SMS from the campaign.
5580 100 UZS for every message
Quiz on Yoshlar TV channel
“Har kuni million”
1. Service name: “Har kuni million” quiz on “YOSHLAR” TV channel.
2. Description of services:
The subscriber/viewer is given the opportunity to call to the short number 0779 during the live broadcast of the quiz on the YOSHLAR TV channel and using intelligence and erudition, win a cash prize. At the beginning of the broadcast presenters explain the rules of the quiz and the cost of participation.
1. The order of activation/deactivation of the service is made by sending the service code.

1. Call to 0779 to the studio of the TV channel during the game period, the auto-informer answers and instructs about the cost of the call:
Telekanalning ko‘ngilochar portaliga hush kelibsiz, qo‘ng‘iroq pullik! 1 daqiqa narxi 3000 so‘m. Siz bosh menyudasiz, bo‘limni tanlang, jonli efirga kirish uchun 1 ni bosing;
2. By clicking 1, the call redirects the subscriber to the air of the TV channel;
3. When redirecting a call from a quiz participant to a TV channel:
• if the air number is free, the call goes on air and the subscriber participates in the Quiz;
• if the number is busy with a call from another participant, the subscriber is informed that the air is busy: Hozirda qo‘ng‘iroqlar ko‘p. Siz navbatga qoyildingiz.  Iltimos aloqada qoling, biz sizni jonli efirga ulaymiz.
4. The third participant of the Quiz, who has phoned the studio of the TV channel and has correctly answered the host's question, is declared the winner of the quiz;
5. When dialing live, the subscriber is asked a question to which the subscriber must answer correctly. According to the terms of the quiz, if the answer is wrong, the subscriber is said goodbye and the next call is taken live. If the answer is correct, the subscriber is given a prize in the form of an amount of money transferred to his/her mobile account;
6. You can participate in the quiz an unlimited number of times.
7. The winner has a right to receive the quiz prize;
8. The procedure for issuing prizes and their number is determined by the CONTENT PROVIDER independently.
  3000 soums per minute of call from 11th  second
“”  web portal Web portal is for lovers of simple communication on any topic, for those who like to meet and find new friends, this is a great way to pass the time with a pleasant, non-binding conversation. This technology is attractive, first of all, due to its end-user orientation, ease of use, intelligence, and friendliness. The web portal is a text communication between users.
Promotional period - 2 days from the moment of profile creation.
SMS notifications (789) - 0 soum,
Tariffication (0987) - 999 soums.
Service price: 999 soums per day including VAT by subscription.
You can deactivate the subscription by sending SMS with the word “Stop chat” to 789.
Receiving information about all connected paid content services: you need to send the word Info1 to 789.
SMS with the word Stop to number 789 - the request is used when the subscriber independently unsubscribes from the provider's services.
Information: (98) 1211228
789/0987 999  soum/day by subscription
“Amazing Facts” service АНГЛ
Ucell announces the launch of “Amazing Facts” service together with “Level Up Solutions” LLC content provider.
The service allows the subscriber to receive informative and unusual facts about everything in the world.
Examples of content within the service:
• More than 70% of the world's population have never heard a phone ring. In Africa, only one in 40 people has a telephone.
• The rubber armrest of the escalator in the subway moves at a different speed so that the passenger does not fall asleep on the escalator.
Service activation / deactivation procedure
To activate the service you must send X to number 7889 in the form of SMS.
The cost of outgoing SMS to 7889 is 100 soums. Further, from the number 789, the subscriber receives a notification about connecting the service.
From the next day after connecting, 1000 soums per day will be charged from the subscriber (500 soums in the morning and evening for each incoming SMS with content from number 852).
Sending SMS to number 7889 means the complete agreement of the subscriber with the terms of service.
To unsubscribe from the service, you must send STOP X in the form of SMS to 789.
 7889,789,852 Connection price – 100 soums
Subscription fee – 1000 soums. Per 500 soums twice a day will be charged.


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