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Name of services Service description Service number Cost with VAT
The "Admiral" game Mobile game "Admiral" – To activate the service, the subscriber has to download the application from the AppStore/PlayMarket and register. Afterwards, the subscriber gets access to the game on a daily basis for a fee. On first connection 3 days are free of charge. Points are also accumulated during this period.

After downloading the game the subscriber completes the registration procedure. To register you have to enter your phone number in the field, receive and enter a one-time code from the short number 4252 and click "Confirm", thus agreeing to the withdrawal of the subscription fee.
All information is on website and in the offer ( Contact us at +998712002222

Admiral players are awarded points based on the rank of the defeated opponent.
Sailor, First mate, Petty Officer 2nd Class, Petty Officer 1st Class, Chief Petty Officer, Petty Officer, Ensign, Senior Ensign - 50 points;
Second Lieutenant, Lieutenant, Senior Lieutenant, Lieutenant-Captain, Captain 3rd rank, Captain 2nd rank, Captain 1st rank, Rear Admiral, Vice Admiral, Admiral, Fleet Admiral - 100 points.
The subscriber can get information about his current points directly in the game "Admiral". The subscriber can also check the number of points by sending the keyword "BALL" to the number 4252.
All points accrued by the participants will be stored in their personal points account for the duration of the Content Service.
1st round of the game – the points of the participants will be reset on 30th of November, 2022 at 23:59 and the second round will start on 1st of December, 2022 at 00:00.
2nd round of the game – the points of the participants will be reset at the end of each month at 23:59 and the TOP 3 participants will be determined on the basis of the maximum number of points collected in each individual month (12.01.2022 – 31.01.2023).
In addition, to become the owner of a super prize, the maximum number of points must be collected for the entire period of the second round (12.01.2022 – 31.12.2023), points for each month of the second round will be summed up.
The winners are determined within 30 calendar days from the end of the winning period of the game "Admiral". All details about the prizes are available at and in the offer (
All the prizes are provided by content provider Mobi Tel Inform Ltd.

To download the game send D to 4252 short number.
To unsubscribe a subscriber must send number 7 to 4252.

The "Admiral" game promotion is valid until 31.12.2023.
842 UZS
Voting on TV SPORT This service provides the opportunity to participate in on-line voting at football matches on TV SPORT 998712000974, 998712000975 3 789 sum
“Dugonalar” interactive portal By calling the short number 0976, you can listen to news and announcements of movies and TV shows, chat, and listen to children's tales.  Charging for “Dugonalar” IVR service for the Company's subscribers will be carried out via invisible incoming SMS from 4250 short number.  Outgoing calls to 0976 are free of charge. 0976 842 sum/per day
Portal of MY5 TV  The portal provides the opportunity to make live calls on the MY5 TV channel via the short number 0971, as well as send questions and suggestions to the channel.

The service is charged per minute starting from 11th seconds of a call.
0971 2950 UZS/minute
Mobitel entertainment portal Calling to 0973 you may listen to jokes, congratulations, horoscope, declaration of love, anecdotes or participate in voice chat 0973 3 789 sum
“Life” interactive portal By calling the short number 0711, you can listen to modern music, children's fairy tales, “Sevimli Ovoz” project on Sevimli TV, interview with a star and chat.  Charging for “LIFE” IVR service for the Company's subscribers will be carried out via invisible incoming SMS from 4250 short number.  Outgoing calls to 0711 are free of charge. 0711 842 sum/ per day
Your pension To obtain information about your pensions it is enough to send a one-time SMS with your pension ID to the short number 10711 and receive monthly information about the amount of your pension, type of payment (bank or post office) and the accrual period automatically.To get your pension ID, you can refer to your district office of budget Pension Fund of the Republic of Uzbekistan 10711 0 sum**
Greetings and congratulations on the radio Hamroh By using the service, you can send greetings and congratulations to your friends, family and loved ones, and take part in recreational programs on radio Hamroh on FM 102.00 1020 4 167.9 sum
Greetings and congratulations on radio Nukus FM You may send greetings and congratulations to the friends, congratulations and loved persons over radio Nukus FM and take part in interactive services. Send SMS-message with a keyword KR and with a space the text of a message to a short number 77708 77708 2 526  sum
Meaning of name Send an SMS with the keyword ISM space and you name to the 77708 service number. In return you will recieve SMS-message with a brief description on numeric value. The service is available only on Uzbek language 77708 2 526  sum
Person’s character according to date of birth Send SMS with keyword KUN and after a space send birthday, month and year to 77708, for example: "KUN 31.12.1989", in reply you will receive SMS with the description of your psychology based on birthday. Service is provided in Uzbek language 77708 2 526  sum
Male and female names compatibility and their meaning For receiving information on name compatibility you shall send SMS with the keyword SEV and names to short number 77708. For example: SEV Lola+Anvar. Service is provided in Uzbek language 77708 2 526  sum
Love confessions Send SMS-message with a keyword SEVGI to the short code 77708 and confess your feelings. You will get free SMS-messages with confessions every day during a week. The service is available only in Uzbek language 77708 2 526  sum
Greetings and congratulations on the radio Andijan NRT  To send greetings and congratulations to a live air or take part in the entertainment programs of the radio station Andijan NRT you have to send corresponding SMS-message to the short number 5742 5742 3 157.5 sum
Information subscription If you want to receive daily interesting news or entertainment messages, you should send keyword based on table* to 5744. Subscriber will receive messages from 5743. To unsubscribe you should send 1 to 5744 short number 5743, 5744 Cost of one incoming SMS message during subscription is – 505.2 sum
Information subscription If you want to receive daily news or entertaining messages, you need to send a keyword: HS (verses about separation), MD (fashion news), MS (tips for lovers), PS (advices on the psychology of relationships), RN (wise words about happiness), SG (poems about boredom), SH (poems about love), SX (wise words about love), TX ("Good Night!" SMS), VM (poems about happiness), XT ("Good Morning!" SMS), LX (vital psychological advices), NN (original compliments for guys), NX (tips for building a happy family), RS (romantic SMS), SK (SMS love), SS (original compliments for girls), ZM (life verses), ZU (beautiful poems about love), BL (declarations of love for guys), DN (interesting facts about the world) , DS (recognition), GL (beauty secrets), HIT (music hits), KZ (declarations of love to girls), MU (tips for housewives), SB (secrets of oriental medicine), SL (favorites in love), SM (bewitching verses), SV (advice on healthy nutrition), TL (tips for raising children), MB1 (zodiac horoscope "Aries"), MB2 (zodiac horoscope "Taurus"), MB3 (the zodiac horoscope "Gemini"), MB4 (the zodiac horoscope "Cancer"), MB5 (the zodiac horoscope "Leo"), MB6 (the zodiac horoscope "Virgo"), MB7 (the zodiac horoscope "Libra"), MB8 (zodiac horoscope "Scorpio"), MB9 (the zodiac horoscope "Sagittarius"), MB10 (zodiac horoscope "Capricorn"), MB11 (zodiac horoscope "Aquarius"), MB12 (zodiac horoscope "Pisces"), to number 4252. Messages will come from the number 4250. To disable the subscription, you should send command 1 to number 4252. The service is available only in Uzbek language. 4250, 4252 Cost of one incoming SMS message during subscription is – 842 sum

*Table of subscription keywords:

Information package Key word for services in Russian language Key word for services in Uzbek language
Funny statuses for classmates SN OK
Declaration of love VIP SEV
Anecdotes ANK LT
News of serial film "Magnificent century" over channel Domashniy VEK
News of serial film "Clone" over NTT KL
Results of Championship league LIGA LIGA
Results of European league EVR EVR
News and results of European championship GOL EURO
News of music MUZ XIT
Playbill of cinemas and theatres RU UZB
Advices on Feng Shui FN NF
Zodiac symbols for horoscope subscription
Capricorn GS1 MR1
Aquarius GS2 MR2
Piscean GS3 MR3
Aries GS4 MR4
Taurus GS5 MR5
Gemini GS6 MR6
Crab GS7 MR7
Lion GS8 MR8
Virgo GS9 MR9
Libra GS10 MR10
Scorpio GS11 MR11
Sagittarius GS12 MR12
News of Football championship of Uzbekistan OLE UZ
News of Champion’s league UEFA FUT
Funny greetings PR ZT
Useful tips for housewives DM UM
Love confessions for girls DV KZ
Love declarations for boys ML BL
Tips for cooking RT PZ
Tips for health ZD SL
Beauty Tips ST GL
Interesting facts about world FM DN
Aphorisms AF KM
Advice on parenting SD TL
Tips for healthy eating ZP SV
East medicine secrets VD SB
Genuine compliments for girls FF SS
Genuine compliments for boys LL NN
Weather forecast
Nukus NUK NK
Urgench URG UR
Ferghana FER FR
Tashkent TSH TS
Termez TER TR
Gulistan GUL GU
Samarqand SAM SM
Namangan NAM NM
Navoi NAV NV
Qarshi KRS KR
Jizzakh DJZ DJ
Bukhara BUH BU
Andijan AND AN
Unsubscribe all subscriptions STOP ALL or 1 STOP ALL or 1

** Due to the fact that 2015 was declared a year of caring for the older generation, the service "Your pension" is available for free till 02.01.2016.

Dear subscribers! We kindly request you to review the commands which are necessary to send with the SMS-message for receiving desired content. If the subscriber dials and sends wrong commands for receiving desired content upon use of SMS-service, money means of wrong SMS-messages are not paid back.

Text of SMS-message shall not be more than 160 symbols in Latin and 67 in Cyrillic.

Each minute is charged starting from the first second after connection rounding off up to full minute for IVR-services and each outgoing SMS-messages to short number for SMS-services, excluding "Information subscriptions" services.

Support service of content-provider: +998 71 2002222.



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