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IVR service “Free communication”

1. Description of services.
“Free Communication” is an IVR service for language learning. Chat with people from any part of Uzbekistan and improve your language skills!

2. The order of activation / deactivation of services.
To subscribe to the service, the subscriber dials short number 1011 or uses USSD command *418# and listens to short information about the service. The service is voiced in two languages: Uzbek and Russian.
The Free Communication service will allow you to communicate and practice different languages without restrictions. When communicating with the interlocutor, your mobile phone number will be hidden.
The call is free. The cost of the service is 505.20 soums per day.
After choosing the language and contact person, subscriber "A" connects to subscriber "B", after the end of the conversation, subscribers receive an SMS with the text: "Service "Free communication". You communicated with the subscriber under the ID "012345", now you can contact this subscriber by dialing the command "418*012345"".
If the subscriber is busy, unavailable or does not answer, the system randomly selects another subscriber. Nevertheless, subscriber “A” receives an SMS with the text (if busy): “Service “Free communication”. The subscriber under the ID "012345" is busy, for further communication with this subscriber, dial the command "418*012345"". (If the subscriber is not available): "Service "Free communication". The subscriber under ID "012345" is unavailable."

  Deactivation: To deactivate the service, the subscriber can use the voice portal of the service and deactivate the service using the number 0 (zero) when receiving full information about the service, or send the USSD command *418*0#. Also, the subscriber can send commands Stop1, Stop, 1 to 1011.
After deactivation, the subscriber receives an SMS with the text: "Free Communication Service" is disabled. For activation call 1011 or dial the command *418*1#".

To unsubscribe:

Stop1 on 1011 The command is used when terminating the number and unsubscribing from all services of the content provider.
Stop on 1011 The command is used for direct unsubscription of the subscriber from the service.
1 on 1011 The command is used for self-unsubscription using USSD *350# from all services of the provider (SMS-banking and SMS-informing services are excluded).
Info1 on 1011 Getting information about connected paid content services. A subscriber receives a notification:
You are subscribed to the service “Free communication”. To unsubscribe, send the STOP command to 1011 or dial *350#.
*418*1# The command is used for subscription using USSD.
The subscriber dials the command *418*1#. The request from the subscriber goes to the content provider. Verified by provider - if subscribed, a notification about the subscription is sent. If not subscribed, subscribe to the service and send SMS notification of a successful subscription.
SMS text: “You have successfully subscribed to the “Free Communication service”. Call 1011 for free and chat. ”


IVR service "Maftunim" is a service for dating. A service that allows you to communicate and build a romantic relationship using a mobile service, like a mobile chat.

Use the service by calling 0990.

Subscription price: 505.20 soums per day.

Notifications about subscription and subscribed / unsubscribed services are sent from short number 0990 by SMS.

Charging is done from invisible SMS number 0996.

To disable the service, dial the number 0 in the main menu of the portal or send the Stop command to number 0990.

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The subscriber calls to number 0990 and leaves his profile, if another subscriber likes the profile, he receives a call back from the number 781406846.
0990,0996 505,2 soum/day


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